10 Japanese Convenient Food

In this video I bought 10 Japanese convenient food to try at home Convenient Takoyaki! Just use microwave to heat up Will need to remove sauce packet before putting in microwave Takoyaki sauce Takoyaki also known as octopus balls, is a popular street snack in Japan It round shape is made up of a wheat flour-based batter Mmm, it is piping hot, delicious! There is a real piece of octopus in every takoyaki ball A little drier than fresh ones but still pretty good! This is one of the most fearful food I have ever come across It is known to be actually incredibly nutritious though I wished they only sold 1 pack but it comes in a pack of 3 You get some sauces to put on your natto It is ready to eat and doesn’t need cooking The main star is almost glue like We would want to give it a stir first being adding the sauces Tare sauce Mustard And more stirring is needed It gets more slimy everytime with every stir Ah, it doesn’t have a pleasant smell to it, just like wet socks! Really, not my cup of tea!

It is very slippey and slimy with strong bitter taste to it An experimental natto bean is left untouch by ants You won’t need to be afraid of anyone eating your food if its natto! Instant egg soup It’s all contained in a mini packet It is a freeze dry food! Just need to add hot water And wait 1 minute Mmm, a very eggy soup! It has a strong flavor even though it looks pretty clear Amazing! Taste like fresh egg soup!

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Ready to eat fish in a packet Heat up in microwave or stove top You get 4 pieces of seasoned mackerel Mmm, delicious, it has a sweetness to it It comes attach with its bone but don’t worry it is soft and edible Very nice, I think this will taste great with Japanese rice A ramen with blood red soup! You get a pretty nice bowl with it We filled it up with half boiling water before adding ingredients Garnish Soup base Seasoning Wow this is pretty spicy! There are some bits of dried cabbage and spring onions in the soup Savory, spicy and sour! Kind of like kimchi noodles! Just add hot water Just need some stirring Taste just like a potato But a pretty dry one, will need some gravy for this Overall a little too dry and lumpy Add hot water Stir 15 times Pasta is soft and ready!

Mmm, this is delicious! It is creamy and you can taste the cod roe in the soup Can’t believe it is using soy milk! A tasty quick fix! Instant soup with real clams! There is 3 serving in a packet Clams Miso paste Add hot water And it is ready to be eaten Yummy, the clam is a juicy little tasty nub!

Overall a delicious salty soup just a pity you dont get much clams though Covenient chawanmushi Can be heat up with microwave or stove top Comes in a plastic bowl that you can eat in A smooth and jiggly egg custard It has shrimp and mushroom inside It is nice to be able to enjoy this hot at home A delicious light eggy treat Enjoy pan-fried udon at home Does not provide vegetables or meats and is recommended to provided your own Has 5 servings in a box First step is to boil the udon noodles Drain And rinse in cold water to ensure chewiness Noodle should be drained and left aside once its cooled down Cooking oil I be using slice beef as my meat Cabbage and carrots for my vegetables A little seasoning with salt And black pepper We can add the udon noodle once the meat and vegetables are cooked Original sauce for udon noodle Fried balls Bonito flakes It is ready to be eaten now! Mmm, so good! It has delicious savory and vinegary flavor to it Also nice chewy and bouncy thick noodle Overall an easy complete meal that you just throw some meats and vegetables in!

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