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4 Frequent Well being Problems with Tokay Geckos and Learn how to Deal With Them

Because the pet proprietor, it is advisable to ensure that your gecko is wholesome on a regular basis. It isn’t sufficient that you simply give them meals and maintain their tanks nicely. There are numerous different elements that have an effect on the bodily situation of geckos. The benefit of them although is that they do not require an excessive amount of consideration like most domesticated animals. You’ll be able to go away them for a day on their lonesome with out having to fret about their welfare. However then once more, it is advisable to ensure that all their wants are met to be able to maintain your geckos wholesome and blissful.

In the event you’re new to elevating geckos, significantly Tokay geckos, under are among the commonest well being points they could encounter. Let’s focus on every one in every of them completely so you’ll know what to do when confronted with such points.


Geckos can tolerate a couple of inside parasites similar to people do. But when they’re injured, harassed, or in poor , these parasites can simply propagate till such time that they’re already absorbing all of the vitamins that the gecko must survive. Parasites may dwell on the exterior physique of the gecko. In the event you discover some crust-like areas on the pores and skin of your pet, it is a sign of parasitism. Therapy of this situation contains administering anti-parasite medicines and conserving their setting clear and well-sanitized to keep away from re-infection.


This situation is often a results of transferring to a different setting. Throughout the first days of your gecko in its new tank, anticipate that the gecko will expertise some form of stress. Do not take this concern calmly as a result of stress usually results in much more well being issues resembling poor shedding, malnourishment, and extra. Giving your gecko a while to regulate in its new setting is important. Do not maintain it an excessive amount of particularly if it isn’t used to it. Dealing with geckos want time and persistence. You shouldn’t maintain it anytime you need to. Correct timing could be very a lot essential.

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Usually, geckos which might be dwelling collectively in the identical tank would struggle and chew one another. This will result in wounds. Even these which might be dwelling alone can injure themselves from scratching their our bodies to inflexible surfaces and pointed objects. Wounds can get contaminated which might result in extra severe well being issues in your Tokay. So watch out.

4.Metabolic Bone Illness

All geckos are liable to this well being downside. To stop the onset of metabolic bone illness, they need to be given with calcium and vitamin D3. These nutritional vitamins are available in complement varieties which you’ll be able to combine with their meals. Geckos that don’t obtain adequate quantity of calcium might expertise in a lack of bone density. This situation may result to crippling deformities.

Preserving your gecko wholesome may be enjoyable and on the identical time difficult. There are some things that you simply additionally want to contemplate. These embrace the meals, shelter, and nutritional vitamins. Your gecko have to be well-fed and given consideration to so it grows wholesome, alert, and delightful.


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