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Hi, it’s Brandi here registered holistic, nutritionist and health blogger for son for LA USA. James blog has five effective dietary and lifestyle tips to help you get rid of annoying belly. Fat belly fat can definitely be stubborn to get rid of, but the process can become much quicker and easier. With these few tips, the first tip I have for you is to eat a breakfast rich in protein. Starting your day off with a good source of protein.

Is beneficial for a million reasons, but can especially help promote the loss of belly fat. This is because protein helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and having stable blood. Sugar levels are directly related to whether or not your body stores or burns fat, and obviously you want your body to be burning fat when your blood, sugar level bike and crash wrote the day from having refined sugar that ends up in many a profit breakfast foods. Such as cereals, muffins and other baked goods, your body stores, the sugar as fat, usually around your waist protein, on the other hand, encourages your body to go into fat burning mode instead and discourages the triggers to store fat. It also keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Having a breakfast such as organic scrambled, eggs, protein shake or rolled oats with nuts and seeds are excellent examples of protein-rich breakfast to help your body burn fat rather than store fat. I recommend eating within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up to start your day off to stabilize blood sugar levels. This will also help prevent cravings for sugar later on. In the day, tip number two is to get enough sleep. Staying up late and only sleeping for a few hours each night could be the reason why your body is storing more fat, especially around your waist.

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A good night’s sleep is between seven to eight hours, when your body gets less than that. It negatively impacts your hormones. They get thrown off balance which can result in gaining more fat around your waist this matters, because your hormones are the chemical messengers that communicate with your body to do almost every function. So that includes storing or burning fat and controlling your appetite and metabolism. So get your beauty sleep to burn fat more efficiently.

Tip number three is to ban refined sugar from your diet, and this includes limiting alcohol. In addition to sleep, excess sugar from baked goods, alcohol, candy and other processed foods are the biggest culprit in gaining belly fat because they spike your blood sugar levels so quickly. So you can see the blood sugar plays a huge role in the belly fat they’re directly. Related when your blood sugar levels rapidly spike your body receives messages from your hormones to store the sugar as fat, particularly in your midsection refined sugar, is disguised under many names such as brown, sugar, high fructose corn syrup dextran. Sugar has about 50 other names.

So I encourage you to do a quick Google search and find out to help you avoid accidentally choosing foods that do have refined sugar in them when you’re, trying to burn belly fat so just be sure to read label replays, refined sugar with natural plant-based sweeteners, such As raw honey, green leaf, stevia and organic maple syrup, the natural sugar or fructose and fruit is totally fine in moderation because it contains fiber vitamins and minerals that refined sugar does not. So that’s the big difference. Refined sugar has no nutritional value and no fiber and causes intense blood sugar levels. Spike tip number four is to drink more water. Our bodies, signals for hunger and thirst are the same.

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Sometimes when we feel hungry, we’re actually just really dehydrated, so not drinking enough. Water causes your body to hold on to excess water weight. Staying hydrated can help your body eliminate the toxins that gets stored in fat cells and improve your digestion and that can directly impact your ability to lose unwanted weight. Herbal tea and green tea do count towards your water intake, but be sure to have an extra glass of water for each cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage consumed if they’re both very dehydrating tip number five is to manage your stress levels. Stress of another common cause of belly fat because of the impact it has on all of your body’s organ systems, especially your hormone when you’re stressed out your body releases the hormone cortisol, which tells your body to store fat again around your midsection as a protective mechanism.

This doesn’t sound like a very useful protective mechanism, especially since we’re in the year 2015, but in the caveman days it certainly was helpful, but not so useful. Today, the beginning to purposely manage your stress through regular exercise, sleep and proper nutrition is the best way to start saying goodbye to belly fat for good. Another effective way to help your body. Cope with stress is to take an adaptogenic herb, which helps your body to adapt and cope to stressful situations, so Siberian ginseng, also known as Sun eleuthero, is known as the most powerful and effective adaptogen for preventing the negative impact stress have on your body. Those are the tips I have for you today.

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