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This weeks, post will be about all The health benefits of green tea. I’Ve seen some growing demand, So we will take it and know what it is. Also follow. The end of the video Get tips on how to make a healthy cup of tea as much as possible. Tea is one of the rare drinks. It is widely accepted globally as being healthy, But remember As with everything in life, You can have a lot of good things, So do not overdo green tea. The number one thing Which makes green tea good for you. It is rich in healthy food elements. Both polyphenols are biostimulants Great for your health. You may have heard some of them know B. Flavonoids or catechins, Which are just antioxidants, Antioxidants that prevent free radicals Doing harm to your body. These free radicals damage your body Over time. It causes cancer. But let me explain this a little. I know that both of you have faucets in the house, Whether in your bathroom or kitchen,

Some of these faucets contain rust. Rust is a direct result of free radical damage that we always talk about Now. Antioxidants prevent this rust from occurring So think of antioxidants as a rust inhibitor in our body. Among the methods mentioned previously, Those who drink green tea have a lower rate of cancer. This theory has a relationship With the overwhelming amount of antioxidants found in green tea. We must not get excited about this fact, Because it is only a relationship, not a reason. Yes, it is a good idea to drink green tea, But it will not cure or prevent all types of cancer.

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The second great point about green tea. If you have bad breath, Maybe you should try some green tea, But this is not my thing Nutrients in green tea And that we mentioned in the last point Which are known as catechins ( antioxidants, ). That does a great job at preventing and killing Certain types of bacteria, Actually studies conducted Prove that bacteria are known to cause bad breath in your mouth, Killed when drinking green tea. Also, when you have a few of that specific bacteria, You will have less sedimentation, So green tea also reduces the risk of developing dental pits. The third point about green tea. It does a great job of giving you continuous energy Without any concerns It contains about 30 to 50 mg of caffeine, Which is about half a cup of coffee, Stay focused and energetic, But you will not have feelings of tension Like it feels with a big cup Of coffee, There is another nutrient in green tea. It works with caffeine to stimulate your brain functions. It is called the Litians And its benefit is that it gives your brain relaxation Without sedation or drowsiness, That comes along with other relaxing agents. We’Ve seen animal lab tests, It has increased good cholesterol and decreased bad cholesterol. What we found in animals and in the laboratory and in human experiments Green tea, lowers blood pressure. If you see high blood pressure video, You know the importance of keeping blood pressure under control. The fifth point: Green tea – can help you burn fat, Okay,

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Maybe These depend on the individual Each case separately, Because not all studies agree on this, But there is a promise that it increases metabolism and fat oxidation, Especially fat burning. Some of the laboratory tests showed a decrease In the formation of new blood vessels Inside the fat stores, Meaning it takes vital nutrition literally from fats And it dies quickly. The sixth point, Both laboratory or animal tests, have shown that catechins are An item that we mention again and again It reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, Knowing that it is not clear why this happens. In theory, this has a downward correlation In the development of plaques inside the brain. If that doesn’t encourage you to take a sip, I don’t know what to do. If that doesn’t encourage you to take a sip, I don’t know what to do. The seventh point Now. This is a game changer. This is one of the things everyone is excited about. Green tea may extend life. There is a lot of research done on this

Some studies were conducted with 40,000 participants It turns out that those who drink three to four cups of tea a day Their life span has increased And the death rate will drop, whatever the reasons This means death from anything Decreased heart disease and reduced the incidence of strokes But before you get excited We must remember the causal and associative relationships Only because green tea drinkers live longer This does not mean green tea is the only thing responsible for this effect So, enjoy green tea But do not think that you will live forever Here is how to make a cup of tea as healthy as possible Do not add green tea directly to the boiling water Because it destroys the healthy antioxidants we’ve been talking about Do not remove caffeine Because the decaffeination process damages many of the nutrients in green tea Add lemon to tea because it helps absorb some nutrients Finally, don’t underestimate the good basic things Because it contains a lot of healthy nutrients We talked about it all the time I want you to pay attention Don’t buy supplements that are green tea extract And claiming that it has miraculous health benefits She is not The real thing is always more beneficial than supplements As usual, thanks for watching One sound check two Mike in emerald green medical uniform Antioxidants and what a basis And it’s just an EKG but for the brain People don’t know what an EKG is Antioxidants are the elements that we mentioned several times Animals in the laboratory Even tea Can I enjoy a cup of tea From a squirrel cup What every politician needs is Nice cup From the secretariat I found the best What do you call the dentist Who does not like tea (Danis?) Is that good? Kids, don’t try this at home Got it ??

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