Astral Physique Health – Your Astral Physique Will Be Sturdy on The Ethereal Airplane

This can be a considerably tough article to put in writing as a result of many potential readers could not even actually perceive what their astral physique is. Why ought to somebody care to maintain their immortal physique in prime form when most do not even consider they’ve an ethereal type. Oh nicely. Right here goes in any case.

Much like the best way your bodily physique requires good diet and train to stay match, so does the non secular you. Prayer and meditation serve to strengthen and preserve the ethereal mind however astral realm actions like projecting, karma transferring, telekinesis, astral aircraft aerobics and astral intercourse are wanted to offer the immortal physique the exercise it must be sturdy and important.

Astral Projecting – Clearly when an individual leaves their bodily physique to go astral touring, they are going to be naturally exercising the ethereal physique. This text doesn’t intend to let you know learn how to astral challenge: there are lots of different articles devoted to that topic. Nevertheless, I’ll say that in case you are unsuccessfully making an attempt to astral challenge then it could be partially attributable to your astral physique being sadly out of practice. Should you begin exercising your astral physique with different strategies then you could discover your astral projecting makes an attempt meet with future success.

Karma Transferring – Karma is an incredible commodity that I might dedicate dozens of articles to and I might nonetheless have solely scratched the karmic floor. The precise substance of karma has a weight that’s felt each in life and within the astral realm. Should you had been to shovel dust from a gap onto a pile, your muscle tissues would grow to be stronger for the trouble. Your astral physique additionally turns into extra highly effective if you transfer karma from one recipient to a different. Rattling! I would want a full article simply to completely describe this one facet of karma however I would like this to be solely a common curiosity piece.

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Telekinesis – Most individuals who fail at telekinesis accomplish that solely as a result of they do not precisely perceive what they’re making an attempt to maneuver. Take into consideration Yoda making an attempt to show Luke learn how to use the pressure to maneuver objects. He stated ‘really feel the pressure’. When you understand that each materials object within the bodily universe is a manifestation of karma you then notice that to maneuver a physique by telekinesis, it’s important to shift the merchandise’s corresponding ethereal mass in astral area. Clearly, telekinesis is a strenuous afterlife physique exercise.

Astral Airplane Aerobics – Cardio train can also be termed as cardiovascular health or it’s simply referred to as cardio for brief. However for the astral health novice, let’s boil it all the way down to the very root. Cardio is motion – interval. Astral aircraft aerobics is just transferring your ethereal physique inside the non-physical realm. You’re all the time in your astral physique and your ethereal physique is all the time inside you too. You may be sweating onerous on a treadmill however your astral physique remains to be curled up inside you want a sloth. Conversely, your immortal physique is likely to be transferring karma like a bull on the astral aircraft whereas your prime materials type is being a sofa potato.

Astral Intercourse – Okay, I’ll confess. I saved up my greatest phrases and descriptions for the superb matter of celestial sexuality. Even transferring a mountain of karma can not maintain an Akashic candle to the celestial energy burned within the act of astral intercourse. In order for you your astral physique to be in wonderful form you then need to check out astral intercourse.

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Earlier than you begin worrying about this – astral intercourse differs from bodily intercourse in as some ways because it compares – and extra. Astral intercourse solely hardly ever has any bodily manifestations. One of many few can be nocturnal emissions and solo evening orgasms.

Until it’s a rape, bodily intercourse includes consenting individuals. Astral intercourse includes your astral physique interacting with a manifestation of your individual good karma. On a uncommon event, your astral intercourse is likely to be between your astral physique and the astral projected physique of one other soul however it’s unattainable this might ever be something however a product of mutual consent. Astral rape or molestation isn’t potential – ever.

To attempt astral intercourse, you wouldn’t have to have the ability to astral challenge. However after you’ve got engaged in astral intercourse, it’s more likely that it is possible for you to to astral challenge as a result of your astral physique shall be a lot stronger than it was earlier than.

However this text is not truly aimed toward educating you learn how to accomplish astral intercourse both so I’ll wrap up right here with a reiteration of my authentic assertion. Much like the best way your bodily physique requires train to stay match, so does your astral physique want a health routine to remain important. However here’s a kicker – a robust and wholesome astral physique might in the end remodel your bodily physique and that may even grant you everlasting youthfulness.


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