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E book Assessment of "American Muslims, The New Technology"

In regards to the writer:

As she has talked about within the preface of her ebook she is an American Muslim from immigrant Pakistani dad and mom who has born in Chicago. She has made up a title for herself “I’m s self proclaimed Muslim feminist cowgirl….my spirit is a mixture of American individualism, the American west, the Islam that I grew up with and observe, my household code of ethics and the Feminism I imagine in.” She has revealed one other ebook “Why I’m Muslim”.

She was a 25 years previous pupil learning regulation at New York when this ebook revealed in 2000. She has written editorials for the Denver Put up, fiction for the Susquehanna Assessment. It appears she has mingled a few of Islamic guidelines with the circumstances of dwelling in America to create a light-minded feminist Muslim. From the evidences she offers in her ebook, she most likely says her 5 every day prayers and quick throughout Ramezan and helps charity however thinks simply modest apparel is sufficient to save Hijab, or in judgment day she wouldn’t be responsible for not obeying a whole Halal weight loss program.

She thinks that American Islam because it grows and evolves will supply a mannequin to Islam in the remainder of the worlds: a purer Islam. “I imagine American Islam is a purer type of Islam than is practiced in some Islamic international locations.”

In regards to the ebook

Hasan revealed her ebook earlier than 9/11. After this occasion in an interview in Nationwide radio, she mentioned that a few of conservative Muslims have mentioned her, “You may’t be a Muslim and imagine that!” and he or she answered, “Sure, I can!” Within the interview, she didn’t point out what was her that means of “that”, so a look on her ebook would get an thought what “that” meant.

This ebook is written in ten chapters, every covers a unique concern. Usually talking, it’s in regards to the sects of Islam, Hijab, principals of Islam, army in Islam, media and Islam, feminism, reform, rising up in America, and politics.

This ebook is neither autobiography, though in narrating the scenario of Muslims her experiences are conspicuous, neither is it a historic rationalization about growth of Islam, whereas it comprises some background from some points to get a very stranger American viewers extra conversant in Islam. On this respect, her experiences illustrate how it’s prefer to be younger Muslim and reside in America. As an example, when she prefers to say the waiter in a restaurant that she has allergy to pork, fairly than say she retains spiritual weight loss program, she implies that even these days it’s by some means odd for an American to come across unusual points, which he would take into account as unnatural.

She tries to right some misconceptions in American minds. She makes an attempt to make People imagine that what one Muslim does can’t be generated to all of Muslims. If a Muslim does terroristic actions it doesn’t imply that each one of them have belligerent ideology. She tries to inform that the picture of oppressed Muslim girls within the minds of the American just isn’t proper, in proving her declare she exemplifies herself as a feminine Muslim pupil with feministic concepts who resides freely.

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In correcting People thoughts, generally she makes an effort to optimist their perspective and alter what that they had already believed. She says that Jihad does imply a wrestle and principally “inside wrestle to strengthen one’s perception in opposition to corrupting and anti-Islamic forces” (p.49) Based on her, this that means is proven in Quran and lifetime of Prophet of Islam, so it isn’t a holy struggle in opposition to all People. It’s apparent that she herself struggles to melt Islamic ideas to introduce them very mild.

She brings one other topic to get a standard sense between People and Islamic ideas and emphasizes similarities between these two. She claims “Islam was based on the identical ideas and concepts the US was.” In her want to combine with a standard faith she says that as “western tradition and Judeo-Christian ethic are outlined by a perception in a single God, additionally the key perception of Islam” it’s higher to contemplate” Judeo-Christian-Islamic”

She describes the distinction of being Muslim and dwelling in America in distinction to different international locations on this method “American Muslims do not have the cultural help system most Muslims all around the world have. Every Islamic nation has its personal set of Quranic interpretations, even a bunch of lecturers that set these interpretations, referred to as the ulema. Right here within the Unites States, Muslims are principally flying blind, though we do have a nationwide Fiqh Council, created by and consisting of some American Muslim leaders… Nevertheless, we have to create our personal help techniques to do with our new approaches to the Quran.” (P. 132)

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Concerning politics, she thinks {that a} main involvement in American politics is electing Muslim congressional consultant. And the rationale why Muslims don’t participate eagerly in politics in her view is “as a result of they’re disturbed by overwhelming U.S. coverage in opposition to Muslims, particularly the implicit lack of help for Palestinians.” (P.152) Then she continues with the actions of Muslim establishments like AMA, MPAC and AMC to not depart a disappointing image on this half.

Criticism and analysis

Based on Hasan”… this ebook is about different Muslims like me, who’re dwelling as American and Muslim and determining their spirit and id as we go alongside.” Her declare that her ebook is about practically six million different Muslims who reside in America and all are like her is suspected. I believe as there are such a lot of interpretations, ideologies and life associated to Islam in the US, it’s a large enterprise to assume that each one of them assume like her and even reside within the circumstances like hers, as a result of treating with minorities is completely different in several components of America.

What I can say at first is that I believe that the title of this ebook, “American Muslims”, just isn’t applicable in any respect. Hasan is a younger Girl who narrates her personal notion of Islam and so she just isn’t permitted, to my view, to generate what she thinks to all Muslims who reside in America.

The second level I seen is that as younger and unexercised as she is, she can not image a proper and multi dimension perspective of Islam. Her background reveals that she has no prophecy in learning Islam to guage if what American Muslims do is in line with Islam or not, though it’s apparent that she has had a look at Quran at the least. For instance, she believes that Hijab (head overlaying) in line with holy Quran and prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) just isn’t crucial for ladies besides in praying time. In her view, it suffices for ladies simply to decorate modestly.

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The opposite weak level I understood was that her statements are very common, I imply with out specifying the that means of her terminology (like “modestly” in girls apparel or “feminism” in her thought) and then again, she claims one thing with out giving proof and reference for that. When she narrates some sentence from Quran, she doesn’t specify the place she has learn it. As an example, she mentions, “In reality, Islam is actually speculated to be practiced and interpreted by every particular person and never handed down by a Pope-like determine. It says so within the Quran.”


So I believe what she has written in her ebook is simply her viewpoint about Islam and can’t be relied on. It is vitally private, a totally private narrative. Even from the quilt image that’s the photograph of the author it may be guessed how private it could be! Subsequently, though it’s attention-grabbing to understand how a younger Muslim lady thinks within the days earlier than 9/11, studying this ebook for an additional Muslim who already is aware of about Islam and on the identical time could also be in disagreement with the writer could also be boring.


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