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Can My Daughter’s Glue Ear Be Cured?


My daughter, now 12, was identified with glue ear at three, after a toddlerhood of delayed speech, lick of comprehension and deafness. Two grommets have been inserted in her unhealthy ear, however did not ship the promised miracles. The docs say the eardrum has been perforated and scarred by the grommets. We have now tried all types of diets and complementary therapies in our makes an attempt to treatment this consistently bunged-up ear. She is liable to sinus congestion and sometimes cannot breathe by way of her mouth correctly. I’ve refused one other surgical process to sew up the perforation. She is behind in school and is depressing. What’s your recommendation?


To reply this, I want to clarify the anatomy of the ear. It has three sections. The exterior ear consists of the tunnel of the ear lobe, which results in the eardrum. The center ear is a sac filled with air, by which three small bones are suspended: these are connected to the eardrum on one facet and the opening of the inside ear on the opposite. The center ear sac is related to the throat through the eustachian tube on the base. The inside ear is sort of a fats spiral tube full of liquid, with quite a few nerve endings on its floor.

Sound waves enter the ear tunnel and vibrate on the eardrum. These vibrations are magnified by the little bones within the center ear, which move them to the inside ear. So the sound waves exterior the ear are transformed to vibrations inside. These trigger the liquid within the inside ear to vibrate, and the nerve endings to set off electrical impulses. These then journey to the mind through the auditory (listening to) nerve, which ‘interprets’ the impulses as sound.

With the intention to hear correctly, the eardrum needs to be intact and versatile. Whether it is perforated and/or has scar tissue, as you point out, it might’t vibrate with sound waves. Additionally the bones within the center ear ought to be capable of transfer and vibrate. For this to occur the bones have to be suspended within the sac and the strain right here is essential. Consider what occurs to your ears in an aeroplane. When the air strain adjustments at take-off and touchdown, you have to ‘pop’ your ears to get listening to again. If the center sac is full of fluid or pus as a result of an infection, it, prevents the bones magnifying and transmitting vibrations. The contaminated fluid may also perforate the eardrum and are available out as a smelly discharge. Thirdly, if there was trauma or tumour affecting the nerve endings within the inside ear, listening to will likely be impaired.

I believe that the rationale the grommets have been put in initially was as a result of a blocked Eustachian tube. The micro organism that thrive within the center ear and trigger an infection are killed by oxygen. Often air enters naturally by way of the Eustachian tube and dries up the contaminated fluid. Grommets are inserted to permit in air if the tube is blocked. Now plainly neither the tube nor the grommets are functioning, plus your daughter has ended up with a weak immune system – thus her frequent ear infections.

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We have now to make sure that the perforation heals and the Eustachian tube is saved open in order that the air sac within the center ear is obvious to conduct sound. The next recommendations give nature one final likelihood. If they do not work, surgical procedure is the most suitable choice.

To spice up the immune system:

* Make certain your daughter’s food plan is nice and balanced. Use recent, ideally natural, meals, with no canned or preserved components. Give her loads of non-citrus fruit as snacks and recent greens with each meal. Keep away from yeast merchandise and citrus fruits, as a result of they gradual the therapeutic course of.

* Make a nourishing hen inventory and provides her a cup to drink (heat) one hour earlier than supper, three to 4 instances per week. Joint a child hen (poussin), bash the bones with a hammer to launch the vitamins and boil in a pot with ginger and garlic for about 90 minutes; pressure and preserve within the fridge.

* Give her one teaspoon of Bioprash with New Zealand manuka honey after break quick, for 2 months, to assist the physique heal extra shortly.

For the ear:

* Put one to 2 drops of mullein oil (obtainable from homoeopathic pharmacies) within the affected ear every morning to assist therapeutic.

* Put two drops of Sinus Oil in every nostril at bedtime and twice in the course of the day. Let your baby sniff it in, wait two minutes, then attempt to.pop’ the ears by closing the nostrils and blowing air into the ears. If the tube isn’t completely blocked, it ought to open inside a couple of days.

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* Get your baby to flatten the palm of her hand in opposition to the ear to shut it tightly. Then pump air into the eardrum by repeatedly cupping, then flattening the palm once more. This may therapeutic massage the eardrum.


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