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Coronavirus – Scriptures on Growing Invincible Immunity and Optimum Psychological Well being

“It’s the beginning proper of each human being to be wholesome, pleased and holy”.– Yogi Bhajan 1969.

This sentiment is echoed by lots of the nice sages of all generations together with the illuminant scripture writers.

With this in thoughts — utilizing some superb scriptures — allow us to shed much-needed religious gentle onto the supply of all well being, happiness and holiness.

Allow us to first have a look at how the thoughts, body-physiology is created, and observe their roles within the manufacturing and upkeep of optimum well being, peace and happiness, significantly immunity throughout this coronavirus time.

“To start with God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1–1

Virtually talking, esoterically, what does this scripture imply for every of us right this moment.

Genesis 1-1 shouldn’t be referring to creation of the outer bodily universe, moderately creation of an interior universe.

‘Heavens’ right here is symbolism for the thoughts and its latent artistic elements, with ‘earth’ as symbolism for the body-physiology.

“to start with” means creation by the Primordial vitality.


Within the creation of the bodily physique what particular dynamic is at play?

So, after we say “God created”, that is referring to ‘God the Holy Spirit’ created — that means the Kundalini life vitality created.

In different phrases, Kundalini being the primordial everlasting vitality, is the common life drive which alone creates.

Subsequently, from the egg-sperm seed-embryo perspective, Kundalini life drive units about creation of your complete mind-body construction.

Genesis is saying, God the Holy Spirit — Kundalini — the divine female vitality often called Shakti — creates the thoughts and physique from her divine parts which by now exist inside this joyous embryo.

Genesis is laying emphasis on the creation of the human soul — and its potential for artistic copy to incorporate bodily and psychological well being – and is NOT referring to creation of the outer bodily universe on this occasion.

On completion — when the important organs have all been made — Kundalini goes asleep on the base of the backbone for later reawakening by vibrational immediate. When this identical kundalini vitality re-emerges, returns to type one more physique — the ethereal physique — for the aim of forming and establishing everlasting cosmic consciousness and aware union with the Divine Everlasting.

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This ‘new’ religious physique is shaped when Kundalini rises to the mind, the place it turns into One with the LORD – referred to by many as Shiva, or totally different titles – thus the paranormal biblical marriage.

Scripture refers to this mind location:

“And on the seventh day God rested” Genesis: 2–2

That means, God the Father consciousness is realized by awakening the seventh chakra within the mind.

Blessed Trinity

The Blessed Trinity is:’God the Father’ — resting on the seventh chakra within the mind tabernacle, with Kundalini as ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – residing initially on the base of the backbone — and the human soul when Self-realized is ‘God the Son’, on resurrection of consciousness by way of Kundalini awakening within the head.

Jesus refers to this resurrection course of:

‘Nobody involves the Father besides by Me’ John: 14–6

That means, that, with a purpose to get to ‘God the Father’ — thus changing into God the Son — we should every undergo ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – Kundalini and religious awakening — there being no fancy short-cuts or favoritism.

Neutralizing Earlier Conditioning

Because of non-integrated conditioning — karmic patterns from former lives — full Kundalini influence in our current life stays dormant till aware integration of this decrease nature conditioning is underway by means which might be outlined right here later.

To assist take care of this karmic carryover — of religious ignorance — scripture reminds us of spending 40 years within the wilderness or desert.

Right here 40 years shouldn’t be referring to 40 calendar years – 40 is symbolism for Unity {of thoughts, physique spirit]. In different phrases, we every come to this earth airplane for the aim of residing consciously by this beforehand incurred ignorance conditioning and decide to its integration.

We reside ‘struggling’ till we’re prepared for interior awakening, prepared for residing by the religious coronary heart chakra – the New Jerusalem.

Thus it is the Kundalini bliss – biblical Rapture — which neutralizes unconscious thought patterns, the damaging mind-sets stopping direct consciousness of our true divine nature – to incorporate immune system invincibility.

Creation’s Protocols

As we awaken, deeper religious consciousness begins to emerge. Similar to — the bodily physique is definitely the tip product of the human nervous system, and the nervous system the tip product of the thoughts, which thoughts is the tip product of the unique Creator, as in Genesis 1-1: “To start with God created the heavens and the earth” – thoughts, physique, soul.

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Subsequently, with a purpose to neutralize and purify the damaging karmic patterns, its obligatory that we convey the nervous system and 5 senses again to the One which created THE MIND, which is God the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Kundalini vitality.

To this finish, in some unspecified time in the future on our religious wilderness sojourn, occasions result in profound insights, prompts on the necessity of creating important life-changing resolution, reminiscent of, drawn to studying religious literature, esoteric scriptures, or listening to soul motivational content material, or searching for to be taught a psychological self-discipline observe reminiscent of yoga or meditation. Such is how we return to Supply for religious servicing, and karmic integration.

Common meditation results in reawakening our dormant Kundalini, which, on reaching the crown chakra within the mind, transmutes the ignorance-based wilderness thoughts into changing into our Backyard of Paradise.

Scriptures Regarding Kundalini Re-Awakening

“The place I’m going you can not go however I’m going to organize a spot for you” — John: 13-33, 14–3

That means “the place I’m going (the place pure consciousness resides) you (lower-ego karmic patterns) can’t go”.

“I’ll come again and take you to myself” John:14-3

that means, reawakening of the dormant Kundalini thus resulting in Self-realization in Unity consciousness..

‘You’ll look however you’ll not discover me’ — John 13–33

God being Pure Consciousness, this state can’t be [seen] recognized by an impure coronary heart, conditioned senses and polluted nervous system.

In different phrases, Pure Consciousness reveals Itself, by Itself, unto Itself — the Transcendent state.

Thus, transcendental bliss can’t be skilled by our born-into decrease nature – therefore, transcendence and purification by each day meditation.

Kundalini alone goes to ‘put together a spot’, transforms animalistic lower-ego patterns, making us appropriate unto Pure consciousness.

To this finish — of awakening unto the Transcendent – scripture reminds us:of the best way..

“and God [the holy Spirit] mentioned unto Moses [moral man/woman]: “Carry up Thy Rod”. Exodus: 14-16 KJV

How does one ‘Carry up Thy Rod’?

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Mirror on Genesis 7-17, on the flood that lifted Noah’s Ark. This Ark is symbolism for the mind, the human thoughts which God flooded [with Kundalini bliss] and the way this Ark-mind later got here to relaxation atop of a mountain, symbolism for highest level of consciousness or consciousness. The dove which Noah later despatched out is symbolism for the peace and love skilled put up interior awakening.

The ‘Rod’ symbolizes the spinal column — the college route of Noah’s Kundalini Flood — which homes 5 chakras under the mind and two chakras in mid-brain. Seven energy-emitting facilities created by divine order as technique of the soul’s Dwelling returning unto God the Father — soul liberation unto Pure consciousness.

For Rod activation, enter between the eyebrows and start faint Interior listening to of Omm or AUM. This exercise units up a vibration which triggers the kundalini, which then strikes up the spinal column — the Rod is ‘lifting up’. This lifting awakens the opposite chakras alongside the backbone, significantly the Thymus gland answerable for manufacturing of mature antibodies or T-cells for coronavirus immunity, culminating in awakening the pineal – the Third eye — and pituitary gland within the mind answerable for launch of significant Progress Hormone for sustaining youth consciousness at any age.

“In My Father’s Kingdom Are Many Mansions – John 14-1

This scripture is drawing consideration to the seven chakras particularly and their particular person objective in creation.

As every chakra awakens, deeper ranges of religious depth are revealed and accessed unto our consciousness: profound intelligence, intuitive consciousness and perceptive understanding, not beforehand recognized by the decrease animalistic mind, are stumble upon.

These ‘Revelations’ being cosmic nuggets of intelligence, re-calibrate the decrease mind and mind-body organism into instantly understanding greater states of consciousness.

Lastly, as each day meditation develops invincibility of the immune system towards international antigens, it is important due to this fact that we every develop heart-cantered consciousness — fifth chakra — thus triggering the innate potential of building invincible immunity, general well being and psychological well-being for all.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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