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Meet Steve, Steve always had a passion for inventing cool ideas. Steve was super active growing up. He always knew he wanted to be physically fit all throughout his life. After college, steve was hired by the company. He was super excited.

He soon realized that sitting behind a desk for a Dallas had him feeling dragged down throughout his day as his workload increased. He spent less time at home and with his family. Also, his work responsibilities were cutting into his steady workout plan. Something had to change. Steve realized that he was not the only one putting on weight out of shape and lacking energy during the day he wanted to avoid adding any more caffeine and energy drinks to his diet.

After much brainstorming, he came up with an idea. I have an idea to create a piece of equipment that fits practically in our workstations. It will allow us to do short workouts throughout the day right and our desks. This will enable us to be a little more active during the day. It will help us create natural energy and, with increased blood flow we might be more productive.

Let me introduce to you desc mne cool. Can you explain sure desk gym is comprised of three pieces of equipment, a stress ball as n Bell and hand straps with resistance bands. There are sections to put office supplies like pens, rubber bands, clips business cards and even a home for media device. Companies can advertise their logo phone number and website on a desk gym. They can be given away as gifts to employees, vendors and clients.

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Will this make me sweaty at work? No, I have designed short workouts to increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism over time. These small efforts can make a big difference. The bands can be used to stretch and strengthen a hands and wrists, especially for people to write or type for long periods. I have even included a few preventive exercises for carpal tunnel and arthritis.

How are you going to bring this idea to reality? This caused the problem for Steve. He didn’t have much money saved ferd project of this nature. Steve searched for some alternate ways to raise money for his idea. He found a website that would allow him to create a video of his idea and let the world pre purchase his product to raise money.

He began making a video of his desk gym and showing pictures of the exercises to show how it works. It hits a call biceps triceps legs and allows the user to be creative. I hope everyone enjoys

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