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After doing fitness for the face, is it possible to apply makeup, then you can wash and immediately apply makeup, Hello, Alena, Rossoshanskaya and fitness for the face. Today we will do exercise for all muscles. Our face went to start to grow in the frame of our hands. We put warm hands on our face and feel the face. Please notice, you first feel the face palms then switch attention and try to feel your palms with your face.

Do this three fold first palms face then face palms process. The head in a circular motion along the way, hair growth press firmly on the scalp and massage in tight movements avoid her in circles after that knead the ears, ear, tragus and earlobes prepare a pose for classes, sit straight with the heels under the knees stretch. Your coccyx and turn the shoulders upward with the crown of your head upward.

Put on your knees, do an exercise for the neck tilts and turns very gently lower your head to your shoulder. Do not try to overstrain stretch the side.

Necks were simultaneously stroked from top to bottom 10 stroking movements and the other side also tilt your head and iron from top to bottom, from ear to shoulder now more dynamic, tilts linger again shoulder straps the other side. These exercises help to develop the muscles of the neck, to stretch them and make your neck more beautiful, now put your hands behind and rub the back of your neck from below up and down reaching the hairline and a little higher. You can climb scared, her movement quickly enough and dynamically, and they increase blood flow and improve blood circulation. Turning the head to the sides observe the posture and try to, at the same time, look behind the back, how we will work which of the eye apples. If you can’t keep your back evenly, grab yourself from behind by the elbow hold back the turn turn your eyes need further to become tilt.

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Your head forward. Your hands enter the lock easily place them on the back of your head. Please dont put your hands on your head. You will feel a strong stretch back of the neck. I raise my head and do exercise 1 again put your hands on your forehead tightly enough to clasp it in your palms and pressing finger to forehead.

Try to wrinkle the leps with your hands, put up strong resistance, preventing it from moving 20 times dynamically. There is calm and about one contraction per minute per. Second. If you do everything right gradually, you will feel how the forehead starts. Guy now hold back the static tension and hold this half this position 20 seconds most likely you feel like the onion is already starting to ache and a sufficiently strong heat.

We keep the tension of work mines. We relax at turn your hands from your forehead and, most likely. If you are trying to wince now you you will feel that you do not feel comfortable doing this. You will feel as if tax, something stuck and every muscle, contraction and clear enough felt if you do this exercise at least twice a day soon enough, you will just unlearn wrinkles your forehead and get rid of horizontal wrinkle next exercise for the area around put your Fingers in such a way as if you are putting on glasses lightly fix the skin not to press hard, and now we have to open very strongly eyes, as if you see something surprisingly, wide-wide under your fingers can feel muscle contractions and hold the position for 5 Seconds after that eyes, squint lightly 5 seconds again open the gas as much as possible neck make sure that the onion does not frown and screwed up my eyes again open our eyes and squint removing but kim we calm the area around the eyes with light fingers. He shower and go for the exercise on the lower eyelid fingers began to bone strongly.

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Please do not press only fix the skin, then close your eyes and try feel closed eyes until the feeling of muscle twitching under the fingers linger in this position for 20 brushes finished calming the eye area with a finger and a shower next exercise warms up the Muscles of the cheeks we will inflate and roll it behind the cheeks, the initial position behind the mouth with our hands so that the lips do not frown now accelerating the pace, perry which air there should be a feeling of warmth and perhaps zhenya in the cheeks. The next exercise we pull will be forward. Then we do the widest possible smile of the lips with a tube in front of the lips, while frowns and now maximum smile, 10 times forward side and now each positions we linger in it. 5-Ku ahead smile forward smile to resist, live and use your hands close our cheeks with our hands inflate our cheeks with our hands, resist, relax and blow air through our lips and lightly, pat ourselves on the cheeks. In order to relieve tension most likely.

The review of the cheeks is already a little bit ache. You can pinch a little and rub your hands until you feel hot cover palms face, relax, feel it. Please children finger shower with these small to pluses. You can start your morning. It takes quite a little time will help very quickly spend the person from sleeping with you was Lena Rossoshanskaya and fitness for the face, be beautiful, how you, girls, looked good supra, a dreamhack, and when, where the complex is also important to me, it is not normal.

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Most likely your head has moved a little forward and you just worked the front sight with the wrong muscles.