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GM Food regimen – My Experiments With the Fact

You might find it irresistible or it’s possible you’ll hate it, however I’m very certain, in case you are looking for for weight-loss strategies, you’ll be able to by no means ignore it. Normal Motors Food regimen or popularly identified GM Food regimen, ranks highest within the most-sought eating regimen charts. Surprisingly, I’ve but not discovered any details about GM Food regimen on any of the official websites of Normal Motors (replace me if I’ve missed any).

Numerous websites, blogs and boards have mentioned about GM eating regimen, however in a scattered method. My major intention behind this put up is to signify varied sides of this eating regimen plan and to present a complete overview, primarily based on the experiences of my very own in addition to of my buddies.


This eating regimen plan was launched at a common assembly of Normal Motors Corp. on fifteenth August 1985, initially supposed for using the staff of Normal Motors firm, to facilitate wellness and health. It was granted by america Agricultural Division and the FDA, additional examined by the Johns Hopkins Analysis Centre.

It was designed as a ‘De-toxification eating regimen program’, to enhance ones metabolism by its cleaning systemic results, mirrored by an improved disposition and a sense of nicely being. As an end-result, a weight lack of 4-6 kgs was anticipated throughout the program-week.


Right here is the day-wise eating regimen plan and its dietary significance. I’ve added few issues from my expertise and experiments, which labored.

Day 1:

Fruits of any type (besides bananas) in any amount. Probably the most most well-liked fruits are the melons and cantaloupes, because of their excessive water content material. As well as, you need to drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water.

By consuming fruits, you’re getting ready your system for the upcoming program. Contemporary fruits are nature’s excellent meals, offering all important components wanted to maintain life. Fruits are additionally supply of antioxidants and are fiber-rich. Fruits are additionally thought of as a negative-calorie meals, thus burning extra energy for its digestion than these supplied.

Consider me, I’ve completed GM eating regimen twice and have discovered at the present time probably the most tough one. Firstly due to the sweetish style of all fruits, and additional because of an intense longing for bread or spices, that one develops in the direction of the tip of the day. The answer for that is the Soup to interrupt the monotony of the fruity style.

Day 2:

The day can begin with a big baked potato with one pat of butter for breakfast. It positively fills you with complicated carbohydrates to begin your day after the primary sweety-fruity day.

For the remainder of the day, you need to eat all types of greens of your selection, uncooked or cooked. Greens have very much less energy, excessive in vitamins and fiber. There isn’t any restrict on the quantity. This must be added with consuming a minimum of 10 glasses of water.

One may also mash a baked potato, add some onion & curd, and spice it up with chaat masala & purple chilli powder and pinch of salt.

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Day 3:

Today consists of a mix of vegatables and fruits of your selection, besides banana & potato. As well as, you need to drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water. Potato is prevented on at the present time because the carbohydrates can be found from the fruits that you just eat.

One can do kinds of salads combined with fruit slices. Should you take extra cucumber and melons, it is extra more likely to shed extra pounds than some other greens or fruits. Including a curd to vegetable salad, in a ‘raita’ kind will make it extra palatable in the direction of the night, when it will get monotonous.

Day 4:

A day when you’ll be able to eat nothing however eight bananas coupled with three glasses of milk. It isn’t obligatory to eat 8 bananas; you’ll be able to have much less as nicely. In actual fact, you would possibly really feel glad inside 4-5 bananas inside the entire day. That is the day when you’ll be able to clearly really feel your food-craving diminishing considerably. It feels divine, to recover from your ‘wishes’. Don’t forget to drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water, as at all times.

Bananas will act as a supplier of carbohydrates that’s straightforward to digest, coupled with sodium and potassium reserve.

Day 5:

That is thought of as a ‘Feast day’, the place you need to eat as much as two parts of lean beef (10 oz.) mixed with six entire tomatoes – as a supply of fiber. On at the present time, you need to improve your day by day water consumption to a minimum of 14 glasses. That is to cleanse your system of the uric acid getting produced. You’ll expertise colorless urine on at the present time.

Beef is a supply of proteins & iron, and thus an alternate will be paneer (tofu – soya paneer for higher outcomes) coupled with mushrooms for the vegetarians. Many individuals have really helpful rice as a alternative to beef, but when one considers the nutritive contents, rice cannot be the proper surrogate.

Day 6:

One other day with beef and greens. Right this moment you’ll be able to eat any quantity of beef mixed with cooked or uncooked greens. Preserve your day by day water consumption to 14 glasses. You may add the Soup so as to add some spice to your day.

Iron and proteins from the meat or paneer-mushroom mixture, whereas fiber and vitamins from the greens. Until this time, you should have skilled an brisk feeling and an consciousness of the facility of pure meals gadgets.

Day 7:

The meals consumption on at the present time ought to include a bowl of brown rice with fruit juices and any greens you wish to eat. Drink 14 glasses of water.

The juices will break the quick (?) offering the important vitamins together with the vegetable stuffing. The brown rice gives the carbohydrates.

Now you should be a minimum of 4 kgs lighter than day one, but extra energetic and free from the cravings for high-calorie stuff.

The Soup:

The next soup is a modified model of the GM Surprise Soup since it isn’t doable to get the Lipton Onion soup combine in every single place, as prompt in GM Soup. The modified soup goes parallel to the ‘rassam’ or ‘saaram’, served in south India. This soup is allowed to be consumed in giant portions all through this system. It’s supposed as a complement to your eating regimen.

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Boil few large-cut onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and celery in water. Add the sambhar masala for the style. You may additionally add tomato-puree (however with the pores and skin) as an alternative of tomatoes to make it thicker. One can season it with herbs and flavorings. You may additionally add: asparagus, peas, corn, cauliflower, inexperienced beans or finely chopped mushroom.

Normal directions for all days:

  • You might squeeze a lemon to taste the water that you just drink every single day.
  • No alcohol of any type because it provides empty energy.
  • Salt must be used as much less as doable.
  • Use synthetic sweetener, in case you’ll be able to’t avoid the candy style.
  • No fruit juices until day seven.
  • Black espresso or tea is allowed.

You might repeat the schedule, if you need additional weight reduction, however it’s prompt that you need to take a spot of a minimum of two weeks in between two schedules.


Now crucial half: the doubts, accusations and myths.

“It really works simply by shedding the water content material of the physique and never really a fats loss.”

a.    Firstly, there is no such thing as a point out of limiting the water consumption on any day. How can one lose solely water if we’re consuming a minimum of 10-14 glasses of water every single day, added with the limitless amount of soup and the water contained within the melons, vegatables and fruits?

b.    It principally acts on the precept of ‘damaging calorie meals’ the place you’re consuming sure meals that demand extra energy to burn themselves than what they supply themselves. Excessive-fiber meals stuffs you however does not present the required energy, as an alternative calls for extra energy to burn themselves, which is derived from the saved energy-deposits.

“Pores and skin will get dry and it’s possible you’ll lose your hair throughout and after the GM eating regimen.”

a.    At the least I’ve not met anybody in my acquaintance complaining of this, however discovered this on few blog-posts. The explanation will be inadequate quantity of water consumption and never supplying sufficient protein sources on particular days.

“It’s a non permanent loss and also you regain all misplaced weight in couple of weeks.”

a.    Clearly, in the event you resume your high-calorie meals as soon as once more. It isn’t tough to shed extra pounds, however to keep up it. Malvika, my spouse who’s a dietician, at all times recommends a upkeep eating regimen program after the GM eating regimen schedule as follows:

i.    Solely liquids within the type of soups, buttermilk or fruit juices for dinner on three consecutive days in every week. This must be adopted endlessly, till you need your weight to bounce again.

ii.    Drink loads of water as in case you are on GM eating regimen.

iii.    Train usually.

“It is only a Crash-diet and a Fad, nothing else!!”

a.    Initially, it isn’t promoted as a weight-loss eating regimen, however a Detox eating regimen that cleanses your system from inside. Weight reduction is only a by-product of it.

b.    Even when one seems at it as a ‘crash-diet’, it certainly won’t hurt you, however will ‘transfer’ your weight within the least interval, thus motivating many who have a tendency to go away their common eating regimen and train regimens inside first month, for not getting desired outcomes. As soon as you’ll be able to ‘see’ your weight dropping, it boosts your will to strive additional.

c.    As stated above, it’s futile except you again it up with a upkeep program. You can’t be on GM eating regimen for lifetime, nor you’ll be able to or ought to do it each month. As an alternative use is as an initial-motivator and change to a liquid-dinner course later.


I personally have completed GM eating regimen twice. The primary time I used to be very honest in following it. Because of my spouse and my mom, who made all preparations for the meals on every day. I misplaced 4 kgs in the direction of the fifth day. I couldn’t lose any additional on the final two days and I presume that to the rice I ate, instead to the meat. The misplaced weight remained there for a month, despite not sustaining it actively. I may have misplaced a minimum of half a kilo extra, if I might have stayed away from the rice, which in any case I don’t prefer to eat.

The following time I began it, however needed to depart it in between because of some unavoidable circumstances. However had seen important change in my weight and the power stage for the 4 days that I adopted it.

Probably the most important achieve has been with my lipids coming right down to regular. I’ve had actually dangerous lipid ranges for 2 years and after following GM eating regimen twice, being on statins and taking self-prescribed homeopathic medicines for a similar, the most recent ranges of lipids have been completely inside regular limits. The credit score goes to the high fiber wealthy GM eating regimen as nicely.


If adopted sincerely, GM eating regimen has a particular constructive impact of its personal on our metabolism. I agree that it isn’t an finish in itself, and one wants to keep up the metabolism by acceptable meals habits and train routine. GM eating regimen cannot be a ‘fast & straightforward’ substitute to ‘efforts’, however certainly generally is a booster for many who have by no means seen their weight going downhill, offering a ‘kick-start’.

As Malvika says, ‘one ought to take a eating regimen that s/he can observe for the lifetime…’ and that is true! You may by no means have GM eating regimen for on a regular basis, since there are such a lot of delicacies round to get pleasure from, however for that we have to have a balanced metabolism, in order that we may give them their due justice.


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