Gymnasts: Style and Security in Gymnastics

Being In a position to See is At all times Useful

Preserve your hair out of your face and tie again lengthy hair. Hair can impede your imaginative and prescient, get caught on gear or you’ll be able to pull it on abilities like again extension rolls.

Style Security

Do not put on dangling earrings, necklaces or different jewellery. They’ll get caught in your leotard or fitness center garments, on the gear, mats or carpet. Earrings torn out of your ear – that is gotta harm. Rings can scratch the bars and pinch your fingers.

No Priceless Jewellery

Do not put on any priceless jewellery within the fitness center, particularly right into a free foam pit. You might by no means discover it or discover solely by pulling out each single piece of froth within the pit. Take it from the woman who misplaced her mom’s diamond stud earring and spent three full days sifting via the pit and mud and filth on the backside of the pit to seek out it. She by no means did discover the again to it.

Tight is Proper

In the event you put on socks to class, be certain that they match tightly. You don’t need them to return off within the pit and get misplaced. And you do not need them to bunch up and potential create poor footing on abilities or landings.

What To not Put on

Do not put on hair ties with exhausting objects, like plastic balls, on them. Abilities, like again extension rolls, or falls can press them painfully into your head. There isn’t any place within the fitness center for harmful hair ornaments nonetheless ornamental or fashionable.

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That is Not Ballet

Do not put on slippery nylon tights, such as you generally see in ballet courses. They don’t seem to be applicable or protected in a gymnastics fitness center. They’ll trigger you to slide on each beam and bars. By the way, should you put on tights to maintain heat on ground or vault, gymnasts put on them exterior their leotards, not inside like dancers. This lets you take away them rapidly and simply for occasions on which they’re inappropriate.

Do not Be a Bag(gy) Girl

Do not put on dishevelled shirts or sweatshirts. Your imaginative and prescient might be obstructed in case your shirt goes over your head when you find yourself the wrong way up. This may make it tough and unsafe to tumble or carry out on equipment. Saggy clothes may caught on spotters and gear or wrap up your spotter’s fingers.

No Studs within the Gymnasium

Do not put on any garments within the fitness center to work out with belts, metallic studs or buttons. The uneven bars are particularly prone to get scratched with these. They’ll additionally scratch up your teacher or perhaps even you.

No Heavy Metallic

Sporting metallic objects like belt buckles can injury gymnastics gear, particularly the uneven bars and which might lead to splinters in your or different gymnasts fingers. Rips are dangerous sufficient. Do not compound the hand issues

Contact Time?

In the event you put on glasses, you could be certain that they’re protected and safe. Put on a strap with glasses in the event that they match too loosely or have a tendency to return off. Not solely they’ll fall off and maybe break, but in addition they may come partially off and poke you within the eye. It is advisable discover some sort of resolution in your glasses scenario if you’re unable to see properly sufficient to vault or to see your coach clearly sufficient and make contact with lenses actually fill the invoice. In order for you contacts anyway, here’s a professional cause to ask for them.

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Nail It

Preserve your toenails and fingernails carefully clipped and manicured. The tough and jagged edges of each toenails and fingernails can get caught on the ground train carpet and trigger a painful tear. There isn’t any place in gymnastics and the fitness center for terribly lengthy nails. Hey might break and even scratch your coach.


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