Health Tips

Know how to be healthier life health related fitness by following four very simple, doable steps that is the SELF Principle. S is for Sleep, having seven to nine hours. Simply sleep at the same time every night, get rid of distractions. E is for Exercise. Move more. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Park further away, make walking a part of your daily habit. L is for Love. Show gratitude, call your loved ones create lasting relationships. And F is simply for Food. Probably the most challenging one, but Also a simple one because if you focus on whole foods if you focus on foods where you can spell the ingredients that’s the easiest way to know which ones are healthier for you. Put them all together and you have SELF The SELF Principle is the core concept behind having heart health. Following the SELF Principle, you can live a healthy lifestyle, healthy mind, healthier body, create lasting relationships. Find Out More on Topics ON FITNESS LIFE | Foods | GYM WORKOUT | HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TIPS | NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFE | HEALTHIER LIFE | DIET AND HEALTH

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