Excessive College Wrestling: Weight loss program and Diet Suggestions

I knew little or no about diet or weight reduction after I started my highschool wrestling profession. I did not know concerning the significance of correct diet and correct hydration. I had no concept concerning the variety of energy in sure meals. I did not know a deep fried fish sq. on a bun had extra energy than a hamburger as a result of I assumed that fish was wholesome. I had no clue concerning the totally different roles that the assorted vitamins performed in a single’s physique.

Wrestling is a sport that entails rivals being in numerous weight courses. Subsequently, some wrestlers discover it useful to eating regimen pondering they are going to have a aggressive benefit in a decrease weight class. This isn’t all the time the case however this notion appears to persist. No matter whether or not or not a wrestler decides to chop weight or not he ought to nonetheless follow correct diet to make sure that he performs at prime degree.

A couple of easy issues to bear in mind:

  • One pound is the same as roughly 3,500 energy
  • In case you eat 500 fewer energy per day then you’ll lose one pound per week (500 energy per day x 7 days = 3,500 energy per week equating to at least one pound)
  • One gram of carbohydrate has 4 energy
  • One gram of protein has 4 energy
  • One gram of fats has 9 energy
  • Your physique’s most popular supply of gasoline is carbohydrates like bread, cereals, rice, potatoes, and pasta
  • Satisfactory fiber may also help you’re feeling full when weight-reduction plan
  • Keep in mind to drink loads of water to remain hydrated
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A easy system relating to weight reduction, weight acquire, and weight upkeep:

  • Take your physique weight instances 10 to search out the variety of energy to eat per day to drop some pounds (e.g. a wrestler weighing 150 lbs. would want to eat 1,500 energy per day to drop some pounds)
  • Take your physique weight instances 15 to search out the variety of energy to take care of your weight (e.g. if a wrestler cuts all the way down to 120 lbs. he might then eat roughly 1,800 energy per day and nonetheless keep that weight)
  • If you wish to acquire weight then take your physique weight instances 20 to search out the variety of energy wanted every day to achieve weight

As you possibly can see, fats accommodates greater than twice the variety of energy per gram than carbohydrate or protein. So, if you wish to drop some pounds then chopping down on fat will assist. Fats will not be all dangerous. Fats helps within the manufacturing of hormones like testosterone and does many different good issues within the physique so don’t eradicate it totally. 

Once I wrestled in highschool, I ate quite a lot of fruit, potatoes, plain unsweetened oatmeal, plain unbuttered bread and toast, greens, milk, yogurt, and lean meat.

Your physique’s muscular tissues want sufficient glycogen for power. Your mind’s main supply of gasoline is glucose. In different phrases, you might want to eat sufficient carbohydrates to have power and to be mentally targeted.

Once I was chopping weight in highschool I’d change into very weak and had hassle concentrating. I now know it is because I had no glycogen and no glucose, which my physique was in very important want of.

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Remember that your pre competitors meal needs to be mild and carbohydrate primarily based as nicely.

Low calorie diets can result in muscle loss. You can’t be as robust and highly effective in case you are dropping muscle mass. Some researchers additionally consider that very low calorie diets could cause one’s metabolism to drop as a result of the physique senses a famine scenario and goes into hunger mode. Subsequently, if you happen to select to drop some pounds to be extra aggressive don’t go on a drastic low calorie eating regimen.

Whether or not you eating regimen or not, you’ll want to get these six key vitamins: 

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Nutritional vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

In case you eat all kinds of meals, it’s best to be capable of meet your dietary necessities. Educate your self about correct diet. Learn books and articles. Take into account shopping for a meals scale and a calorie-counting guide if you happen to determine to drop some pounds.

Don’t neglect the significance of diet along with correct method and good conditioning in your quest to be a profitable wrestler.


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