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Hi, everyone isn’t this incredible we’re out here in the outdoor parking lot of the World Health Organization and smoking is completely prohibited around the world. Today we are seeing more and more smoke-free places both indoors and outdoors and seeing more signs exactly like this one, and we all know why tobacco is harmful for health, not only for smokers, but also to the people who are exposed to secondhand smoke. Even for smokers who are well informed of the harms of tobacco quitting can be incredibly difficult. I spoke with an expert and he shared three of the major challenges to quitting tobacco as a tobacco user, their body and brain getting used to functioning on certain level of nicotine if they quit. That means their body need to learn how to function without nicotine.

This adjustment process will make them feel uncomfortable and caused with your symptoms, okay, so that was our first challenge. Addiction to nicotine, dongho shared the second major challenge, which is the ways that tobacco use is intimately tied to social activities or behaviors. Things like hanging out with friends having a cup of coffee or talking on the phone. Now, let’s hear about the third challenge as a tobacco user, they normally drink tobacco use and a tobacco with certain emotions, thoughts and the beliefs. Why, at the process of visco we just mentioned and also operant conditioning, for example, they tend to smoke when they feel angry the fears, just they feel happy.

What, if I said so, that means part of a quitting need to break this subconscious source once a tobacco user has decided that they want to quit. What are some of the first steps they can take? Well, in addition to consulting a physician, they can start by setting a quit date, something like a birthday or an anniversary. Also tell the people around you that you’re trying to quit your friends and family can support you during this challenging time, anticipate cravings when you’re feeling a desire to use tobacco. You should have an activity in mind, something like having a glass of water going for a run or eating a healthy snack.

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Also, it’s important to make your environment tobacco-free, remove any lighters, ashtrays or cigarette packs from around you to reduce any temptations. Let’S hear from dongho for a few extra tips on quitting tobacco, there are a range of behavior or psychological tobacco cessation interventions which can be used to support the buggers to quit. For example, they may associated with other habits or behaviors such as eating such as watching TV, such as talking on the phone or hanging out with friends and to quit. Tobacco also means they need to break these connections that have formed a habit. Many people actually create successfully without assistance.

However, without a cessation assistance, the chance of success quickly is low, a maximum of only 4 % of attempts to quit tobacco will succeed. Many years after quitting tobacco users may steer fear craving for tobacco, because tobacco users normally have their tobacco users so intimately tied to their everyday activities and also so close linked into their emotional thoughts beliefs. So, even after they cretan whenever they exposed to smoking, cues will let them like craving for smoke. Even with your Krita Plan B mate, you can more likely to quit successfully during the quitting process. You may seek additional support from health professionals to parkour treatment specialists.

They can provide you personalized advice and support which their support, I’m sure you could successfully quitting tobacco can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The benefits for your health, your relationships and even your finances are immeasurable. So good luck and we’re here to support you, you can do it!

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