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Is Power Therapeutic The Identical As Reiki?

I assumed that this week I’d write about one thing that I am usually requested after I inform folks I’m an vitality healer. Individuals usually say “Oh! Is that like reiki?” And my reply is usually “nicely… sure and no.” So, I assumed I’d give my very own, private response to how I see vitality therapeutic and reiki. (Different folks might nicely view this otherwise – that is simply my opinion.)

Reiki is claimed to be a particular frequency of vitality that may be channelled by the healer, who has been “attuned” to this reiki vitality. Because the reiki practitioner works on or above the shopper’s physique, the vitality will go to the place it’s wanted to unblock any knots within the shopper’s vitality area. The unblocking on the energetic stage can then result in the therapeutic of bodily signs. Receiving a reiki therapeutic is usually deeply enjoyable in addition to very energising.

The coaching in vitality therapeutic that I’ve accomplished on the College of Power Therapeutic has the same foundation to the reiki therapeutic I’ve described above. At its most simple stage, as a healer, I channel vitality which can go to wherever the shopper wants it. On the College of Power Therapeutic, a big element of the coaching was engaged on our personal vitality fields and vitality ranges to make sure we’re clear channels. Nonetheless now, after my coaching has completed, I observe chi kung (vitality workouts) almost every single day, meditate most days, and eat a food plan of almost all uncooked meals, all of which helps to make sure I’m bodily and mentally balanced and clear after I give healings.

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Power therapeutic is rather more than simply channeling vitality. On the College of Power Therapeutic, we discovered particular modalities of therapeutic which, in my expertise, can usually result in extra profound therapeutic. For instance, we skilled in utilizing sound and color in healings, in addition to modalities which embrace a extra psychotherapeutic element, corresponding to inside little one therapeutic, relationship twine therapeutic, or previous life healings. In addition to this, we discovered such methods as psychic surgical procedure, and intention line therapeutic – a therapeutic that places you in contact together with your true goal in being on earth.

For my part, these different elements to the therapeutic result in extra profound therapeutic, and may also velocity up and intensify the method.

Having stated all that, a number of the parts of vitality therapeutic require fairly intense course of and self enquiry, which isn’t appropriate for everybody, and which can be undesirable in circumstances of trauma. On this case, reiki therapeutic is ideal.


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