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A jelq video should visually show you how to perform jelqing or the jelq technique which is an exercise to increase penis size. Unfortunately most videos out there are “text only” videos, which do not provide any visuals.

So where can you find a jelq video which visually shows you how to perform the exercise?

There’s two places to find a good jelq video online:

1. Popular video sharing sites. YouTube is an example of a popular video site where you can find visual training on a number of different practices and exercises. You can find a video explaining how to jelq, but you’ll have to sift through many of the aforementioned, “text only” videos. This is the catch with searching popular video sharing sites. There is a lot of non informative videos to sift through before you find a few good visual based instructional videos. But this is a free option, so the search can be worth it.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that you are not going to find explicit videos which show the “real deal”. These will be banned from popular sites due to their explicit nature. Instead you will find “creative safe for work” videos utilizing bananas and other objects to demonstrate the jelqing technique.

2. Pay Membership Sites. These are essentially jelqing programs which you have to pay for to obtain access to the members area. Inside the members area, oftentimes you will find some videos which show the “real deal”; actual jelqing being performed. These are good in that you can see exactly how to perform the exercise. There’s nothing like visually seeing exactly how to do something so you can get it right and reap the rewards, which in this case is increased penis size results. You may want to start out with a free video, see if the exercise is for you, then invest in a proper program to find out how exactly to perform the exercise from A to Z.

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