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Do you want to make some gains man? Sure you do and why not? There is nothing wrong with wanting to add some size to your unit if you feel that it needs some size. Countless men have done it and much more fulfilling lives because of it and a lot more confidence. In this article I will give some tips about jelqing. I am not gone go deep into the details but I am gone gives tips that I think are useful. So here goes!

Jelqing exercises use a *milking’ like motion to add up to 2 inches and in some cases more of girth and length. Jelqing routines last from anywhere from 5-20 minutes a day, 2-3 days per week. When jelqing is done correctly and all the essential precautions are taken, such as a proper warm-up and cool-down then it is a very safe and effective exercise.

It is true that there isn’t much research done about jelqing by medical institutions and therefore there isn’t that much scientific proof of the effectiveness of jelqing. But there certified medical professionals, such as Dr. Richard Howard who have studied jelqing and not to mention the thousands of success stories in online forums such as PEgym.

Tips to increasing intensity for making gains

Jelqing and also other types of penile exercises apply stress to the penis and the penis adapts to this stress by getting harder and bigger. In order to keep this growth and to keep growing it is very important to steadily increase the intensity.

You can’t make gains forever with a beginners routine and at some point you need to start doing more advanced routines. If you have been upping your routine with more advanced techniques and sets while your erection as stayed strong then it is a positive sign.

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But if your erections have become weaker and you have plateaued then it is a sign that you must reduce intensity and let the penis recover. You erections will tel you if you are ready for more advanced routines or not.

The optimum erection level for jelqing

It is necessary not to get too caught up in the exact numbers because erection levels are just approximations.But the general rule of thumb is to jelq with a 50-75% erections level. 50-75% of erection is a level where your penis is hard but not hard enough for proper penetration.

As time goes on and your manhood gets more conditioned to jelqing then you can experiment with harder erections. Some get great results with even 100% erection levels but beginner should avoid jelqing at 100% erection levels because the pressure would be too much.

How to warm up properly and why

There are two really important things when it comes to penile exercising and all kinds of exercising really. The key is to get the maximum out of your workouts while reducing the chances of injury as much as possible. A proper warm up helps you achieve both and often guys don’t make any gains because they don’t warm up properly.

It is important to warm up your penis for 5-10 minutes before starting your exercise routine. The goal is to loosen up the penis and make it ready for strenuous exercises. There are many different ways for warming up.

You can use a hot washcloth or hand towel and wrap it around your penis. You can use a heating pad or take a hot shower. any of these methods are good for warming up.

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So these were some simple jelqing tips to hep you out a bit. There is nothing too complicated or magical about jelqing. In order to make some serious gains you just need to understand some basic principles.

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