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Have you heard about jelqing? It’s the exercise guys have been using in order to increase their penis size. And it works well as long as you stick with it and you do it properly by following good instruction.

Many guys try to find good instruction online by reading written descriptions of how to do the exercise. But there’s a better way to learn jelqing.

Video demo’s. While you can get a decent idea of what jelqing consists of by reading about it, there’s nothing like seeing the actual exercise to really understand what it’s all about. That’s where video demo’s come in to play.

The best videos will be found on jelqing membership sites. These sites not only include the written instructions on how to jelq, but they also will provide video.

But these aren’t always the best choice for finding video demonstrations. First of all you have to join up to the site (which is usually well worth it as results always come quicker from member sites). But, not all guys want to commit themselves right away, and not all guys want to watch someone exercising their penis!

So there is an alternative. Videos that use objects, like bananas, to demonstrate the exercise. And you can watch these for free on blogs and on video websites since they are non-explicit. These will give you a great idea of what the actual exercise looks like.

Now there’s nothing like seeing the real thing for the best instruction. But the free jelq videos will at least show you what exercising is going to consist of, and from there you can decide whether or not to get further instruction.

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