Marine Phytoplankton – A Well being Publication In regards to the Wonderful Therapeutic Advantages of the Ocean

Scientists at NASA theorize that some 3 1/2 billion years in the past, the world was modified eternally. The looks of tiny organisms with the power to transform daylight, heat, water and minerals into protein (amino acids), carbohydrates and fat marked the start of life.

Phytoplankton are single-celled vegetation which can be the idea of all different life types on planet Earth, as they’re the vegetation of the ocean. Phytoplankton are answerable for making as much as 90% of the Earth’s oxygen. Phytoplankton is the meals utilized by the world’s largest and longest dwelling mammals and fish. Whales eat plankton and reside between 80-150 years previous and preserve nice energy and endurance all through their lives.

The query is requested, “Why ought to I eat whale meals?” The weather and electrolytes in plankton are additionally extraordinarily helpful for people. Scientists report that the composition of human plasma is much like that of seawater. Our our bodies comprise about 70% water. Our planet accommodates about 70% water. But, we now have been attempting to get all of our vitamins from the 30% land mass, which has lead us to deficiencies in micronutrients and hint components. Our our bodies want these components from the ocean to carry out as nature supposed.

If we’re lacking any of those key components, our human our bodies cannot perform optimally. They lose their inherent homeostatic mechanisms, and illness creeps in.

Advantages of Phytoplankton within the Human Physique

Phytoplankton accommodates tremendous concentrated lipids (fat) to boost mind perform, cardiovascular perform and to offer a wholesome cell wall. It’s clinically proven to cut back ldl cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar ranges. It helps improve psychological alertness. Phytoplankton relieves ache and irritation, each inside and outdoors the physique. Actually, we all know how rapidly phytoplankton nourishes all the physique as a result of exterior issues resembling dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are so rapidly healed. Since all exterior pores and skin circumstances are attributable to inside toxicity, we all know how deeply phytoplankton nourishes and cleanses on a mobile stage.

One very thrilling property of plankton is its skill to assist the eyes, and is proven to be more practical than Lutein. One other element within the product is Astaxanthin, which additionally could be very helpful for the eyes. There’s analysis on the various Web websites of individuals being helped with Macular Degeneration from Astaxanthin.

To revive well being we have to detoxify after which rebuild. This complete meals product does each, concurrently! Phytoplankton helps a wholesome liver, the biggest inside organ of the physique. When our liver is detoxified and strengthened we naturally have a superb night time’s sleep and we even have elevated vitality throughout our daytime actions!

Docs often give attention to recommending dietary supplements to individuals with the intention of aiding the physique to acquire the mandatory vitamins in order that the physique might heal itself. However research now see that as a substitute of dietary supplements, we will get our diet from full complete meals merchandise, and that’s simply what this product is. If it can provide all of the diet a big ocean-living mammal wants for its complete life, it can provide that to us people as a result of we’re mammals too!

The Components on this wonderful product are

Over 200 species of Marine Phytoplankton

Aloe Vera

Cranberry Focus

Blueberry Focus

Ionic Hint Minerals

A Particular mix of Sea Water and Purified Water

A singular Sea Vegetable mix of Bladderwrack, Spirulina, Irish Moss, Kelp

AMP’ed merchandise of Frankincense, Nutmeg, Astaxanthin Sea Algae, Ginger, Orange and Mexican Candy Lime

Morinda Citrifolia (“Noni” juice)

Mangosteen (similar as in Xango juice)

Rainmaker – For Emotional Stability (purified water)

Watch the video to see the method of creating plankton

Marine Phytoplankton – Making Historical past for Mankindclick on right here

An Integrative Medication clinic within the Dallas space the place a world well-known physician has a exceptional story of his personal with reference to phytoplankton. He acquired his M.D., after which went on to be an ophthalmologist, pioneering among the outpatient surgical procedure and gear for the lasix eye surgical procedure. He did not understand that his surgical masks wouldn’t shield him from infections from his sufferers. So, he obtained viral encephalitis from certainly one of his sufferers, and spent 7 years in mattress till he was capable of heal himself. Afterwards, he started a brand new approach of working as a doctor utilizing solely pure treatments. He now promotes phytoplankton to each certainly one of his sufferers.

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The 4 Most Vital Neurochemicals:

1) Dopamine – when poor, the individual may be addictive, overweight, and have fatigue. The individual is a loner and a procrastinator. Examples are Parkinson’s and ADD.

2) Acetylcholine – when poor, there are issues with language, reminiscence loss and cognitive issues. The individual may be an eccentric perfectionist and is careless. Alzheimer’s is an instance.

3) GABA – when poor it may well result in complications, hypertension, coronary heart palpations, seizures and low intercourse drive. This individual may be an unstable drama queen. They can not listen and are impulsive.

4) Serotonin – when poor, the individual can have melancholy; have hormonal imbalances, sleep and consuming issues. The individual may be self absorbed, and so they cannot simply grasp ideas

Why do you develop into poor in neurochemicals? You might be utilizing the essential uncooked constructing supplies within the physique sooner than you can also make them. Everybody who has a power illness is depleted in neurochemicals. That is ignored in most conventional medical practices. Restoring neurochemicals and minerals is like getting the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal working and again on the automobile.

To make neurochemicals we want one constructing block of amino acid after which 8 equipment (nutritional vitamins and minerals) to make it work. The vast majority of the merchandise on the market – the dietary supplements – haven’t got these equipment in it. Due to this fact, the individuals aren’t gaining profit from them.

Why does Phytoplankton work so properly? As a result of it’s a full meals, it has every little thing you must make neurochemicals and have right mineral ranges. Due to its microscopic measurement it may well get into the system simply. It takes 3 months to get sufferers regular once more, however you possibly can start to see results pretty rapidly.

If you happen to take common mineral and vitamin dietary supplements, they’re nearly by no means absorbed. If you happen to take a look at varied merchandise which can be put out in the marketplace, these work for a number of individuals, however miss the mark on nearly all of individuals. Why does this occur? It’s as a result of for individuals who made use of a specific complement, it equipped their our bodies with what it wanted to be properly. Different individuals who took the identical product had completely different wants, which weren’t equipped in that product. So, it did not do something for them.

The Significance of Offering Voltage To The Cell

Voltage, as a management mechanism is usually ignored in all of drugs. It is like attempting to begin your automobile, when you have no battery or alternator. It will not work and you may’t get your automobile began so you aren’t going anyplace. So it’s with cells. The voltage to make cells work is -22 mv. If there may be not adequate voltage, the cells cannot work.

(Word: The important thing ingredient in how Docs works with power illness is that they affiliate illness with a lack of voltage. If you happen to stick an electrode inside a tumor, it should disappear as you restore voltage to it. There are lots of or 1000’s of articles on how ache is related to low pH and low voltage. So, voltage is a vital situation.

What are the necessary methods the physique takes in voltage? Usually we might get voltage in good water. However now they put chlorine and fluoride within the water, so it’s was an acid. Because of this it steals voltage from us after we drink it! Uncooked natural meals has voltage in it.

We get voltage from standing within the grime as a result of the Earth is an enormous electromagnet. We are able to lean up towards a tree; hug an individual or an animal. Getting out within the solar supplies voltage. If we do not do that, we’re voltage-depleted which results in power illness. Due to the electrolytes in FrequenSea, we get voltage from ingesting it.

Does this actually work? Dr. Tennant’s Affected person Testimonials

I’ve a affected person with Lyme’s illness, age 22. He was 6’3″ and weighed 80-90 kilos. He seemed like a refugee from Somalia. He could not eat or suppose. Most of his day was taken up by the query, “Am I going to die at the moment?” I used to be in a Catch 22 with him as a result of I could not get his intestine to work until I obtained his neurochemicals to work. However, I could not get his neurochemicals to work as a result of his intestine was not working. He was the primary individual I give plankton to. Inside 10 days, his spark of life got here again, he had a twinkle in his eye; he had a humorousness. As a substitute of claiming, “When am I going to die?” he talked to my nurse about going out to dinner! It’s dramatic once you see that form of change in that brief period of time. Maybe you possibly can see the attitude with a product that may by-pass the digestive system.

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A pal of mine in Memphis is an Integrative Medication physician. Her affected person had a stage 10 liver illness. That is when the stomach begins filling with water, referred to as ascites. So this affected person had an enormous stomach full of water, which was drained, after which the water got here again. Dr. Jennifer stated we wanted to get her management mechanisms again. The lady was comatose, so she was on nothing however plankton. Inside every week all of the fluid was out of her stomach. As a substitute of being comatose, she was sitting up complaining about every little thing!

Folks want to grasp that when the physique will get sick, it has run out of the constructing supplies it must hold itself working within the regular approach. Once we use prescription drugs, we put irregular chemical compounds in our our bodies. However we have not solved the issue until we provide the vitamins and voltage to make the physique work. A physique with out vitamins is uncontrolled. So, although it desires to heal, it may well’t as a result of it would not have the instruments to take action.

We have to present an entire meals. Phytoplankton is an entire meals. A lot of my sufferers have been advised by their medical doctors to go dwelling and die. This product bypasses the liver and the digestive system, so if the affected person has a sick liver, they will nonetheless make use of this product.

The physique replaces itself in an amazingly fast approach. You solely have to offer good constructing supplies throughout an 8-month time period and you may have a brand new physique!

How does the system go astray?

The unhealthy contributions from the Meals trade and the pharmaceutical trade:

(1) The meals trade created processed meals by placing chemical compounds into meals to forestall spoilage. Once we eat these meals, we get these chemical compounds into the physique, so the cells will not work.

(2) The meals trade cooked fat, inflicting hydrogenated “plastic” fat.

(3) The meals trade created synthetic sweeteners.

(4) The pharmaceutical trade has given us medicine to suppress signs below the guise of “well being care”, which is basically illness care.

The Unhealthy Fats Concern: If you happen to prepare dinner fats for five hours at 350 levels, you get partially hydrogenated fat. This implies they’re supplying you with a fats that’s one carbon atom away from plastic. When the cell dies and must make new cells, and if all it may well discover are plastic fat, then that new cell is made out of plastic, which does not work very properly.

Consuming Plastic Fat may cause sort II diabetes and weight problems. The physique says it’s hungry. So the physique sends sugar and insulin. If a cell membrane is product of plastic, then glucose and insulin cannot get by, so it says once more, “I am hungry!” Then it sends extra sugar and insulin. There’s now an excessive amount of sugar and insulin, however it may well’t get into the cell. Then the physique takes that glucose and shops it in fats cells. When insulin is current, insulin locks fats cells shut so you possibly can’t get to the vitality. That is sort II Diabetes.

Why Ought to Somebody Who’s in Comparatively Good Well being Take Phytoplankton?

The primary situation right here is that if you’re not at present mineral depleted, you quickly might be. The produce grown in our nation is often grown with triphosphate fertilizers. The farmers do not put again zinc, magnesium, molybdenum and plenty of different minerals into the soul. So, over time we run out of minerals in our our bodies. I’ve but to have a single affected person that has satisfactory minerals. With out minerals, you will have cells that give up working, so we now have to complement with minerals. Most of those are often taken in capsule kind, which aren’t absorbed. This product accommodates ionic minerals, in a liquid kind, that are very properly absorbed and utilized.

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Folks usually ask what number of milligrams of this or that nutrient is on this product. This data shouldn’t be too related in a product that’s almost 100% bio-available, in contrast to different dietary supplements the place you could solely soak up 10% of it. The businesses who make these merchandise know concerning the lack of absorption, and that is why there are such excessive every day minimal quantities set by the regulating businesses. However, after we are capable of soak up almost 100% of a product, we want a lot much less of it.

Please understand that realizing what number of milligrams of a substance that’s in a product would not let you know what it should do. Will it get throughout the intestines? It is determined by the energy of it. It is the ability that has been put in nature that feeds the physique on a mobile stage and offers the physique the vitality it wants.

When you get the product into the system, what’s it doing? On the atomic stage, what’s an electron? How do electrons work in they physique? Each atom offers off particular wavelengths of sunshine – frequencies of sunshine. These are measured with the spectrophotometer. Once you discover these frequencies of sunshine, you possibly can see what’s there.

Those self same atoms not solely give off mild, they’re absorbed as frequencies. These are measured with the spectrophotometer. Once you discover these frequencies of sunshine, you possibly can see what’s there.

Those self same atoms not solely give off mild, they’re absorbed as frequencies. If you happen to give these frequencies the affected person turns into stronger. On the atomic stage a molecule may be weak or sturdy, simply as a magnet. Atoms are the identical approach. Relying on the energy of vitality saved in a molecule of calcium or one other mineral, it’s fairly completely different relying on the vitality of it. The vitality portion of one thing that is available in a pure approach leads us into vitality medication, like homeopathy. (Completion of Dr. Tennant’s Teachings.)

After I perceive how the physique works, I can work with restoring its wholeness. I really feel empowered and know I can succeed. The nice information is that we now have the answer! It’s the ocean plankton.

I really feel an actual obligation to share this story with all individuals and animals!

Everyone knows somebody who’s struggling together with his or her well being. Plankton is so highly effective on a mobile stage that we will anticipate a response from the physique nearly straight away.

Dr. Tennant’s stage of simplicity in simply taking a look at what it takes to make one cell work is BRILLIANT! It’s my intention to share these notes that I’ve compiled from Dr. Tennant’s teachings that can assist you understand why everybody on the planet may benefit from taking ocean plankton every day, for the remainder of their lives!

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Disclaimer: The expertise shared herein is that of the author/speaker and is meant for informational functions solely. The statements contained herein haven’t been evaluated nor authorised by the Meals and Drug Administration. Any recommendation and/or product(s) talked about shouldn’t be used to analysis, deal with, treatment or forestall any illness. At all times seek the advice of your healthcare skilled if you’re at present taking medicine, pregnant, attempting to get pregnant, nursing, or in case your have every other well being situation earlier than taking any merchandise talked about or making use of any data contained herein.


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