Philippines Street Food – AMAZING Filipino Food at Aling Sosing’s Carinderia in Manila!

Hey everyone: it’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Manila, Philippines and for lunch today I am eating at a Filipino roadside restaurant. This is one of the restaurants that I am most looking forward to. Eating at This place is on the corner of the road. There’S a mechanic’s shop kind of surrounding

It’S a great environment and the Filipino food they serve here looks absolutely incredible: (, lively, music, ), Hello, hello. What is your name? Martina [ Mark ], Martina,

Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too [ Mark ]. How old are you Four ( sizzling ) ( chopping )? Can I have leimpo two

There were so many restaurants I was looking forward to eating at in Manila, but the legendary Aling Sosing’s Carinderia, located on the corner of a neighborhood street shaded by a giant mango tree with an impressive array of Filipino food, was a local spot. I couldn’t wait to try Like most carinderias or local Filipino food restaurants in the Philippines. To order all you have to do is walk up to the front of the stall check out all the glorious dishes in front of you and pick and choose whatever you like.

One tilapia And one tilapia: yes, please! Oh thank you.

Oh squid can I have squid also, And also this and also one plate of this one Pok med, yes, Okay and two rice, The most challenging part, is not ordering everything you see.

Oh yeah Mike is looking at all that food. Michael look at all that food I had read that this was place would get just absolutely jam, packed at lunch time. So luckily Jing and I came right at 11 a.m. We arrived here – there were tables open, but right now, as we sat down it’s completely full there, no more tables left

People are gon na start waiting and it’s not even lunchtime yet. It’S just 11 a.m. It is a carinderia-style restaurant, It’s a local Filipino food restaurant and you walk up to the front. They have all of the dishes prepared all of the different stews and all of the different common, typical Filipino dishes, and then they also are known for their grilled, tilapia and they’re, also known for their inihaw na liempo, which is the grilled pork belly.

So this is one of those restaurants where you could just stand up there and pick and choose so many dishes and it’s hard to know when to stop because you wan na eat it all.

This is also a great time to come to this restaurant because you see all the dishes are prepared, And another thing I read about this restaurant is that they don’t recook any more food or they don’t cook any more dishes. So once that dish is gone you’re out of luck, they won’t have it again for the rest of the day.

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I got ta start with the signature dish, which is their grilled pork. They have it all in just slabs of pork belly that they grill like that. But then, when you order it, they chop it up into bite-sized pieces, Big bite-sized pieces, and you can see the oh. That’S the skin right there that chewy skin

Well, I think I’m just gon na go in with my fingers for this. I want to get a piece for my first bite that includes all layers of the belly. Oh yeah, you can see the skin the fat and immediately. I can feel the juices coming onto my fingers when I pick that up, It’s so smokey and then the meat is tender. But then the skin is pretty rubbery, but that’s all part of the textural experience.

Next up, I’m gon na try the fish, but I think I’m gon na make my sauce first with calamansi and chilis

I think this might be soy sauce, I’m going to go for the soy sauce and then I’m going to add this to my chili bowl And then squeeze in the calamansi. Oh yeah. This is the sauce of champions and then just kind of mash up this chili a little bit.

I’M definitely gon na ask them for some more chilis. Actually, at the front there they had a whole panful of chilis. So I think you can maybe go up there and self-serve yourself.

Alright, that’s gon na be perfect for the fish Okay, grilled tilapia here. Oh, that feels nice and soft

Oh you, can see how juicy it is, too there Oh wonderful and I got ta go in for some of. That chili, and that, soy sauce, and goodness Oh look at that bite Oh no. I lost the chili The chili fell over

Okay, I’ll scoop that back into my spoon. Oh, that tilapia is so nice and juicy and it has a nice smokey flavor, and then just that simple sauce, the soy sauce with the citrus-y calamansi, and the calamansi has a flavor that’s, I think it’s somewhere halfway in-between an orange and a lemon. Maybe it has like little bit of a sweet tinge to it compared to a lime or a lemon but it still has that nice sour, citrus-y flavor. It’s just a simple sauce combination that you can basically eat with everything.

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This is a Filipino dish that I think it’s eggplant, there’s okra, there are long beans, and there’s bitter melon as well, and if I remember correctly this dish there’s some shrimp paste or some krill paste that gives it its flavor.

So, I will dig into some, oh, and I think we might have some fried pork in here that gives it its flavor too. Put this onto my rice. Oh, that’s awesome. It has a really nice garlic-y taste to it. That’s really garlic-y and then you have, I did get a piece of like crispy pork belly I think in that bite.

And that pumpkin is amazing. It’s not like mushy at all. It’s kind of like, or maybe it’s a squash because it has a very silky texture to it, rather than being that like kind of mushy, dry texture. That’s delicious. I gotta take one more bite of that.

Extraordinary actually, extraordinary. And I’m gonna follow that with some of this soup. Oh, wow. I was actually expecting it to be plainer than that. Oh, that’s really good.

A little bit sour, and it has a very meaty broth taste to it, and yet it’s not too salty, and the next dish I ordered is kaldereta, and this is another well-known Filipino dish but this is like a stew. Put this onto my rice. Let me get a little bit more of that sauce. Oh, I love that sour taste to it. Kind of rich, kind of oily stew with a sour taste, and then that meat is so tender.

That’ll be really good with a chili on it. As soon as you bite into that chili that’s just an eruption of chili. Oh, that makes, oh yeah, I’m a little bit of a chili addict but that tastes really, really good.

And next I’ve got a squid dish. Oh, a leaf has fallen into the squid.

Yeah, and I think it’s black ink with the squid. Let me just taste one of the little heads actually. Put this onto my rice, and oh, I’m gonna add a little bit more of that squid sauce. Oh, look at that darkness. That’s very sweet and a little sour and salty.

It almost tastes like sweet and sour squid. And then the squid is very tender but it almost has like, you can sense that it has like a little bit of rubberiness underneath the tenderness. So, how they’ve cooked it, it’s very nice and tender. – How’s the food? – Awesome, man, very, very good.

We just ordered some of these grilled pork skewers, pork barbecue. Oh, look at that. That looks wonderful. Okay, let me reach into this pork barbecue. They’ve just really packed on the meat onto this skewer and then there’s a piece of fat at the end here.

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Oh, that’s right off the grill. Oh, that is just ridiculously tender without being too tender. Oh, and that almost has like a little bit of a sweet barbecue sauce to it. We didn’t order this at first bu then Ying said we should order this, so I’m glad we got it. The texture of that meat.

Thank you, thank you very much, the food is so good. Hello. How are you? Hello. Nice to meet you.

What’s your name? – Jason. – Jason. – Kaldereta. – Kaldereta.

– Margherita. – Margherita. Nice to meet you, man. Nice to meet you, man. (lively music) Thank you, okay.

Oh yeah. Now we’re talking. Okay. Now we can do some serious chili eating.

Oh yes.

– Wanna soup? – Oh yes, please, thank you. Oh, hot fresh soup. Is it beef? Okay, thank you.

Okay, I gotta take a. Oh. Oh, that’s so hot. Oh yeah, it is so rich. Put some of this over the fish.

Oh yeah. And a chili. Oh yeah. That completes the trio of flavors. Oh, and that’s wonderful.

(talks in foreign language) – $640. – Thank you very much. Sarap. Lots of people are coming here for the amazing food and so we just finished our meal and then we got up off the table ’cause people were waiting for our table, so now I’m just standing around just enjoying the aromas from the food and from the grill and just this awesome, awesome atmosphere here in Manila.

And yeah, if you’re looking for some properly good local Filipino food in Manila, this is a carinderia, a local Filipino food restaurant that you don’t want to miss.

The grilled dishes are good, all the different dishes that you can pick and choose from at the front are good, the owners are really friendly. This is another restaurant that just has it all. Good food, good atmosphere, great people, and yeah, I’m loving it. A meal like this just makes me so happy, and just like gives me so much energy. So, I’m gonna go ahead and end the video right here.

Please remember to click like, click thumbs up. Thank you very much for watching, and also, if you’re not already subscribed, subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos. Thank you again for watching and I will see you on the next video. Goodbye from Manila..

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