Some Extra Salsa, Please!

He stated ‘Katya Virshilas’ like I ought to know her and instantly bounce out of my seat and dance round like he had simply stated, ‘you have misplaced 20 kilos, and are wanting like a teen!’ once I solely blinked and seemed questioningly at him, Ajit Shetty, Health Director, FitnessOne defined, ‘she is a dancer from Hollywood. She danced with Richard Gere and J Lo in Shall We Dance? Then it dawned – considerably.

Though I do benefit from the odd film, I’m not one to recollect names, film stars and much much less their choreographers. Sure, I do know J Lo has insured her derrière for an astronomical sum of money, as it’s alleged to be ‘most excellent’ and so on. ‘Cool,’ I stated. ‘Will speak to PR and discover out what we are able to do.’

The date arrived. Katya was lacking on Day 1. ‘She is capturing,’ I used to be instructed. Honest sufficient. Day 2 arrived. A bunch of individuals descended. Some to study Salsa – the dance – and a few others to write down about it.

Katya herself is a slip of a woman with a fabulously toned physique and a heat persona. Dancing isn’t my cup of tea. Particularly not at ‘my age’. However, it was taking place at FitnessOne, the place I work, and it was with Katya Virshilas – an import from Hollywood. So, with a bit of encouragement from buddies and associates, and the truth that I had carried my exercise gear (not Gere!) I leapt on to the Salsa bandwagon.

Fortunately for me, being blessed with two unsteady left toes on a sack of potatoes and all that, I had heard somebody say “dance like nobody is watching you!” and recalled that in my thoughts. Additionally a deep need to Salsa lurked deep inside. It was good that not a lot of my class mates had been into the dance kind both.

Shortly, I modified registered and went into the room.

I had a lot enjoyable, that folks had been heard commenting that I by no means stopped laughing all through the session. It was a vibrant crowd. All people was there to take pleasure in themselves. That one and 1 / 4 hour handed off in 5,6,7,8 minutes. All of us spoke the language of dance. All we needed to do was get the footwork proper, and sway our hips so as to add momentum. To not neglect to look into our companion’s eyes as an alternative of at our toes.

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On day one, the fundamental Salsa step was learnt. So was the ‘flip, flip, flip’ then we learnt the New Yorker. Not named after town nor did it originate there or any such factor. However, it has the title. And is nice enjoyable to carry out. The loop, the twirl, the underarm swirl, we did all of them. Solely we had been wanting males, so the ladies stood in. Fairly strongly, I need to say. My companion, Harsha was an excellent ‘boy’ solely we didn’t fairly bear in mind the 1,2,3,4 elements so properly. Day two dawned. I used to be all set to Salsa once more. Courses started.

My two left toes had forgotten all that they had been taught on day one. Not an issue, I used to be instructed. Katya took us all by means of the paces once more. I spotted, as an alternative of utilizing alternate toes, I used to be solely utilizing one foot for each ahead and backward strikes. UGH! Managed to get step one proper. The remainder of the category had moved on to their fifth or sixth. Then she, lithe and swish factor that she is, got here to show me. She took over the boy’s function and guided me by means of the woman’s half. It was superior. I obtained it. Then. However now, I’m out of form and must attend some extra Salsa! Ameeta Agnihotri.


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