Stomps: Excessive-Resistance, Excessive-Depth Intervals for Indoor Biking (Very Cool)

Should you do biking exercises and have ever finished stomps, you might assume I am loopy once I say this, however I’ve at all times preferred them. They’re extraordinarily powerful however attraction to that twisted a part of me that enjoys laborious coaching.

Should you’re an out of doors bike owner or an indoor biking teacher, you most likely have that half, too.

Stomps are designed to extend energy within the saddle. Chris Carmichael is usually given credit score for them; his pointers contain 20-second stomp intervals open air. The indoor program I taught adopted the format under.

As a result of stomps are troublesome and may stress knees and decrease again, a stable warm-up is crucial. Roll the legs for a number of minutes, then run this sample a number of instances: 2:00 seated at 110-120 rpm; 1:00 of 80-rpm standing runs; 1:00 seated with resistance at 80 rpm; 1:00 of restoration at 90 rpm.

A stomp interval is 60 seconds; restoration is 60 seconds. Enable 25 minutes or extra for a set of 5, a 5-minute break, and one other set. The break may be longer. Resistance throughout stomps may be very excessive and drops throughout restoration. Restoration cadence is particular person, however I counsel 90 to 100 rpm.

Stomp at a strict 80 rpm. Fatigue will are likely to gradual the legs, so it helps A LOT to have an 80-rpm tune to beat-match. We frequently use Hallogallo by Neu! It is a exact 80 rpm and is 10 minutes lengthy, which helps maintain the vitality of the coaching. Repeat or change music for the second set.

Maintain the physique centerline on the bike. Do not transfer facet to facet, as you’ll in climbing. Maintain arms in place 1.

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Guidelines for an attractive, round pedal stroke do not apply throughout stomps. Exaggerate the down-stroke and smash in opposition to the resistance, with out transferring the physique facet to facet. I cue it as “punching the pedals.”

Coronary heart fee is not the purpose; nonetheless, there aren’t any coronary heart fee limits on this train. Should you or your riders are severely stomping with out modifying the resistance, coronary heart fee can spike fairly excessive. (Intervals underneath 60 seconds might yield decrease charges.)

Keep away from “mushy” cueing. One teacher would cue his class with, “Okay, you guys, do one other stomp now.” There is no manner that may elicit a rigorous stomp interval out of your riders.

As an alternative, begin cueing about 5-6 seconds earlier than the interval. In a agency voice, say, “And cargo the bike… AND… STOMP!” The slight pauses and the supply ought to time the phrase “stomp” with the primary second of the interval. Cue time at about 30 seconds and with 10 seconds to go.

Discover some function on the resistance knob to mark the resistance used on the final stomp. It is a lot simpler than attempting to re-determine resistance for every interval. Cue that reminder to your riders.

Resistance may be ferocious throughout stomps. Each time I do them – about 8 instances per 12 months – I discover I can nonetheless increase the resistance for every interval, regardless of rising leg fatigue because the coaching proceeds. Do not ask me to elucidate that, nevertheless it’s too constant to be a fluke. It occurs even once I do the coaching alone. You may cue your riders to maintain rising the resistance so that they get the added power and energy profit.

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Should you use high-intensity intervals in your exercises or your lessons, this coaching may match proper in with that method. With the emphasis on power and resistance, stomps provide a change from, say, pace intervals.

Stomps are a killer exercise.


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