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The Edgar Cayce Food regimen – A Roadmap to Pure Well being

The Sleeping Prophet gave distinctive pointers for wholesome consuming, and the Cayce eating regimen is easy in idea – good recommendation for nearly everybody. Within the Western world, meals has historically been handled as a easy matter of sustaining vitality and gaining enjoyment. However, as within the Chinese language and Indian traditions of “useful meals,” Edgar Cayce thought of meals as medication, each to treatment and forestall illness, and he was very specific about it.

It could be nice if we may simply ask Cayce for recommendation a few private, nutritious diet. However since we do not have the grasp himself right here, it is smart to study the essential “guidelines of the street” he left us.

Listed below are some Cayce dietary DOs and DON’Ts. However remember the fact that we’re extra than simply bodily beings – we’re a body-mind-spirit composite. Even the sleeping Cayce identified the psychological good thing about breaking the meals guidelines from time to time. In different phrases, sometimes consuming these french fries that you just actually get pleasure from can really profit the physique if it soothes the thoughts and feelings!


Eat fish, fowl and lamb. Cayce really useful these as significantly better than giant quantities of beef or pork.

Eat citrus fruits to alkalize, and assist forestall colds.

Eat entire grains

Eat native meals. A Cayce rule for wholesome consuming suggested that individuals ought to eat as a lot domestically grown meals as attainable. It is fascinating to do not forget that this precept was additionally laid-down 5,000 years in the past within the historic Sanskrit Vedas of India, the origin of Ayurveda.

Cayce added that not consuming native meals was the foundation reason behind allergy symptoms! Once I first heard that, it made good sense — what higher method to deal with environmental components than to eat the meals grown in that surroundings?

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In Cayce’s day, most individuals did eat primarily native meals, even individuals who lived in cities. Small farmers and gardeners introduced their produce and meats into cities each morning. Sadly for a lot of at the moment, at the least in the US, nearly all of our meals is raised in just some states. It may be nearly unimaginable to get native meals, until we develop the meals ourselves.

Preserve the right acid/alkaline stability within the physique. This was one of many common guidelines — and he went on to say that it may forestall the widespread chilly completely! He was describing the best way meals react inside the physique, quite than their intrinsic properties. For instance, an orange could take a look at acid with litmus paper, however contained in the physique, its response is alkaline.

What’s the proper acid-alkaline stability for you? Within the Cayce eating regimen, a sedentary particular person (little train) ought to eat solely 20 % acid-producing meals and 80 % alkaline-reacting. However then he gave the reverse for a bodily lively particular person — 80% acid,
and 20% alkaline.

Eat 3 greens grown above the bottom to 1 grown under. (He excepted at the least one diabetic, who was instructed to reverse the rule to revive the right stability.)

Put together greens gently, in their very own juices, if attainable. He really useful patapar paper, which we’ve not all the time discovered sensible. However at the least use as little water as attainable, in a pot with a decent lid, and all the time eat all of that water, which incorporates a lot of the vitamins.

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Many individuals use a steamer, however we have discovered that it results in undercooking of greens and waste of the vitamins within the water. Legumes (peas and beans), particularly, cannot be digested correctly until totally cooked (or sprouted), and folks nearly by no means use the water from steaming.

Eat yogurt, which he referred to as Bulgarian buttermilk, for colon well being.

Eat two almonds every day, to forestall most cancers.

Eat olive oil, for coronary heart well being and colon well being. He mentioned everybody can be higher for taking a tablespoon of olive oil each evening to assist eliminations.

Eat gelatin on greens and greens, to extend coordination. We regularly simply sprinkle it on, and stir it in.

Chew meals slowly.

Eat in peaceable environment.


All fried meals (Excessive warmth destroys most meals worth.) There goes most eating-out, in a single fell stroke — Kentucky Fried Hen, a lot of Chinese language meals, Lengthy John Silver’s, most hamburger locations, and many others.

White flour, in its many varieties.

Consuming a lot pork, particularly when you’ve got arthritis! He did advocate extraordinarily crisp bacon, and offal meats. (These are what most of us contemplate the unsavory elements — organs and intestinal merchandise, which have historically been utilized in bologna, sausage, sizzling canines, and a few varieties of meatballs. Sadly, these days these meals typically comprise an excessive amount of salt and dangerous preservatives.)

Consuming a lot beef, besides his specifically ready beef juice.

Carbonated water. He referred to as pop “slop,” aside from a number of folks.

Alcohol, besides purple wine.

Consuming when careworn, overexcited, emotionally upset, or overtired.

Sure combos of meals, similar to milk and citrus (he included tomatoes as citrus); entire grain and citrus; meat or cheese with starches; and milk or cream in espresso.

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Meals that disagree with the physique, even when you like them, or even when they ought to be wholesome for you.


Are you able to really eat this fashion, and luxuriate in it? The truth that Vikings (and well being nuts) may combine something wholesome collectively and never discover does not actually assist. Cayce himself cautioned in opposition to outraging your style preferences too violently. However that is what cookery was invented for!

There is not any doubt that it’ll take adjustments, particularly when you?re within the behavior of consuming the best way most individuals do, and never spending quite a lot of thought on it.

That is the principle factor — it’s important to take into consideration what you eat, and the place you get it, and how to organize it. At first, it may take extra time to buy, and actual cooking does take time, although it can save you quite a lot of it with good planning. However simply method it step by step, and you will succeed.

What we have mentioned are the overall Cayce eating regimen rules. However there’s rather more. When you’ve got a selected query, you’ll be able to often discover what you want within the Edgar Cayce database on the A.R.E. The information you achieve is very highly effective when you’ll find a Cayce-sympathetic physician that can assist you. The Cayce eating regimen legacy may make an enormous distinction in your life — why not take advantage of it?


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