The Bodily Wants of MMA – Half 2

In Half 1 of this text, we checked out all the varied energy attributes which can be wanted in MMA. This time, let’s proceed on from energy into totally different energy and endurance traits, in addition to cardio.


Energy is solely energy measured with a time part. As an alternative of desirous to understand how a lot weight you’ll be able to elevate in a given motion, you wish to understand how a lot weight you’ll be able to elevate and the way lengthy it takes you to elevate it. Energy may be elevated by both lifting extra weight in the identical period of time, or the identical weight in much less time.

Instance – a squat 1RM of 300 lbs is a measure of energy. A squat 1RM of

300 lbs carried out in 2.5 seconds in a measure of energy. A squat 1RM of 310 lbs carried out in 2.5 seconds could be a rise in energy. A squat 1RM of 300 lbs carried out in 1.8 seconds would even be a rise in energy. Nevertheless, a squat 1RM of 310 lbs carried out in 2.7 seconds would NOT be a rise in energy. It could be a rise in energy, however not energy (extra weight was lifted, but it surely took extra time to do it).

Energy is necessary just because there’s nothing sluggish happening within the ring or cage. You may be robust as all hell, however when you’re not quick, do not plan on having the ability to get something completed. And pace can add far more than you would possibly assume to what goes on in a battle.

Do that instance – put your fist towards a wall and push as exhausting as you’ll be able to. I imply actually drive it into the best way. Use a maximal effort. After a brief relaxation, deliver your fist again about 10 inches from the wall, and punch the wall at about 50% effort.

Which one damage extra? The second did. That is due to the pace that was launched. Energy may be educated just a few other ways. The commonest method is to make use of ~40-65% of your 1RM for an train and transfer the burden as rapidly as you’ll be able to. 4-6 units x 4-6 reps is often across the norm for this type of coaching.

One other method may be to comply with up a close to maximal elevate, with a a lot lighter, explosive elevate. Suppose a squat with 90%+ of your 1RM for 2-3 reps, instantly adopted by bounce squats.

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Most affiliate the Olympic/”fast” lifts with energy (cleans, snatches, pulls, and so on.), however reality is that energy can developed with any train – simply remember to be transferring the burden as rapidly as doable.


Okay, this one must be pretty self-explanatory, too. Take the outline of energy above, and apply the “endurance” components of strength-endurance above.

You now have the definition and significance of power-endurance.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is the power of musculature to contract repeatedly (whatever the quantity of pressure being produced) over a given time interval. For instance, squatting 85% of your 1RM for 10 reps inside three minutes could be strength-endurance. Squatting 85% of your 1RM for 10 reps – none of which lasting over 2.1 seconds) for 10 reps inside three minutes could be power-endurance. Doing free body weight squats (additionally referred to as “air squats”) for 3 minutes straight could be muscular endurance.

That is necessary in MMA as a result of earlier than you’ll be able to have any components of usable energy/power-endurance, it’s important to have muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance is elevated both by rising your 1RM in a given train (see clarification of strength-endurance) or by merely performing high-rep units of a given train – often body weight calisthenics.


“Cardio” refers to cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory endurance. That is principally the power of the guts and lungs to pump contemporary, oxygenated blood all through the physique. The lungs pump oxygen into the physique, which in flip oxygenates the blood. The guts then has to pump that oxygenated blood all through the physique. The extra environment friendly the guts and lungs are, the less occasions they’re going to need to “pump” per minute, as they’re going to pump extra air/blood per “pump”.

To not sound redundant, but it surely must be pretty apparent why that is necessary. Diminished fatigue (each bodily and psychological) is the principle factor we’re attempting to keep away from. Elevated restoration (each localized and systemic, each momentary and long-term) are nice advantages.

That is, after all, along with all the fundamental long-term well being advantages related to a wholesome coronary heart and lungs. There are a number of methods to extend your cardio. I will briefly go over two of the most typical strategies of accelerating your cardio, in addition to two strategies that form of “mix” the 2 that I’ve give you and use.

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LSD (Lengthy Sluggish Distance) – this can be a methodology typically used for rising cardio (with oxygen) conditioning. Similar to the identify implies, the gap lined is usually lengthy, and the tempo is sluggish. Suppose jogging for just a few miles. The advantages of LSD may be elevated cardio capability, elevated muscular endurance of the legs, much less drain on the CNS, lively restoration, and elevated work capability.

HIIT (Excessive Depth Interval Coaching) – cardio coaching is made up of two parts – time and depth (how exhausting you’re employed). The 2 are inversely proportional. The longer you’re employed, the better it’s important to go (as with LSD). With HIIT, we hit the opposite finish of the spectrum, by working a lot more durable, however for a lot shorter time durations. Suppose sprints.

There are numerous strategies of doing HIIT. Some of the widespread (and most demanding) is the “Tabata” methodology. Tabata was a Japanese researcher than first studied and examined the advantages of HIIT. He discovered that they had been of extra profit than initially thought.

LSD elevated cardio (with oxygen) capability, because the tempo is sluggish sufficient that the physique can proceed to uptake enough oxygen to provide power. Nevertheless, with anaerobic (with out oxygen) implies that the physique is working so exhausting that enough oxygen cannot be had, so the physique has to provide power within the absence of oxygen.

It was thought that if LSD-styled coaching elevated cardio capability (with little improve in anaerobic capability), then HIIT-styled coaching would do the precise reverse. Tabata discovered this to not be true.

Tabata discovered that whereas anaerobic capability was enormously elevated, that there was additionally a corresponding improve in cardio capability. Although the rise wasn’t as dramatic as when doing LSD-styled coaching, it was far more than LSD elevated anaerobic capability. It was nearly like getting “2-for-1”.

Tabata additionally discovered that HIIT was superior for burning fats than LSD. Whereas HIIT did not burn as many energy through the exercise as LSD did, it had the metabolism so “revved up”, that it continued to burn energy for hours AFTER the exercise was full. LSD, however, give up burning energy as soon as the train was finished. HIIT burned significantly extra energy whole (throughout and post-exercise).

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(To be taught extra about Tabata and his research, go a Google search – there’s loads of information across the web.) The “Tabata” protocol concerned intervals finished at 100% depth for 20 seconds, adopted by a brief relaxation interval of 10 seconds. This was repeated up a number of occasions, with the widespread protocol being repeated 8 occasions.

Whereas HIIT may be far more useful than LSD, it additionally has its downfalls. The 2 principal ones are that it may be fairly simple to overtrain while doing HIIT. Doing any exercise at 100% depth may be exhausting on the physique – each physiologically and on the CNS (Central Nervous System). It isn’t unusual to burn out doing an excessive amount of HIIT.

The opposite principal downside is that it requires an precise 100% depth. It is fairly widespread for folk to assume they’re placing in 100% depth, once they’re actually not. That form of effort is far more tough than most folk understand, and far more tough than most have ever finished. They find yourself placing in a lot lower than 100% depth.

The issue is that also they are doing a a lot diminished quantity of labor. Do not forget that I stated the 2 components of cardio had been inversely proportional – they needed to be exhausting and brief or simple and lengthy? Nicely, if HIIT is not finished proper, you find yourself with the worst of each worlds – simple and brief. You get the least quantity of advantage of any mixture.

Density Conditioning – Density Conditioning is a technique I got here up with to take the favored weight coaching protocol of Density Coaching and apply it to cardio. It entails operating a medium distance in a faster and faster time, or doing sprints of a given distance, and doing an increasing number of of them in a given timeframe.

MFD (Medium Quick Distance) – MFD is a “blissful medium” between LSD and HIIT. It isn’t brief, and it is not lengthy. It isn’t simple, but it is not 100% depth, both. It is a medium distance, lined as rapidly as you’ll be able to.


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