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With the right type of training, penile exercises are just as healthy to your penis, as running is for your cardiovascular system. Countless number of men have made their penises larger, stronger and healthier. Just like the guys before you, you as well can reap the rewards of using exercises to enlarge penis size. But all kinds of training method can potentially be dangerous – even running – and penile exercising might as well cause some side-effects, if you are not careful. Therefore it is necessary to know what to look for and what to avoid, when using exercises to enlarge penis size.


Bruises are very common and not a big deal. People can get all kinds of bruises and not pay too much attention to it. But if bruises occur during penile exercising, then it is a clear sign that the exercise routine is a bit too intense. Bruising is an unhealthy body clue and when it does happen, then the best thing you can do, is take a few days off from exercising and start an exercise routine that is not so intense.

You also might have used too much force on a particular part of the penis shaft, depending on where to bruise is formed. For example, if the bruise is formed on the head of your penis or it is formed on the underside of your penis, then you most likely gripped the underside of the penis with too much force or you jelqed too tightly. Some men need some time to find the right way to grip and to perform the exercises. Bruises are a relatively common side-effect when using exercises to enlarge penis size.

Spotting along the shaft of the penis

Spots – medically known as petechiae – might form on the penis, when using exercises to enlarge penis size. Spots usually form on the head of the penis and are relatively common in the beginning. These spots can range from one or two, to up a dozen.

Penile exercising is a new process for the penis and sometimes the penis reacts to the exercising by creating spots. Penile exercises create stress to the penis and if you have not exercised your penis before, then it is normal that some spots appear. Usually the spots do not affect penis hardness or growth. But if the spots do not disappear, then you can take a few days of or decrease the intensity.

Darkening of the penis

Another common side-effect of doing exercises to enlarge penis size, is the darkening of the penis or “discoloration.” A lot of guys really like this darker look and don’t think it is a bad side-effect. But if the darkening effect is pretty severe, then it can be a problem.

A darker penis is usually caused by over-training, too much intensity, neglecting warm ups or not letting your penis recover and rest. Very often it is penis enlargement devices and intense girth exercises like jelqing, that cause the darkening of the penis.

To avoid this darkening effect, that can occur when using exercises to enlarge penis size, you can apply more heat to your penis. It is very important to have a thorough warm up. For example, if you are using a warm wash cloth for warming up your penis, you can try a rice sock or a heating pad, that are more effective.

Trauma to the skin is the main cause of discoloration and to avoid too much trauma, it is very often necessary to use less force.Try to use less force when using exercises to enlarge penis size. You should also avoid intense exercises that your penis is not ready for.

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