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What and When To Feed Your Pet Piranha

What do you have to feed your pet piranhas?

To some that may appear apparent, feed them something proper? Not fairly. Similar to people, it’s a must to be sure that your piranhas eat a balanced weight-reduction plan to verify they keep wholesome. Feeding them desk scrapes (which occurs usually) isn’t really useful.

Piranha feeding isn’t extraordinarily sophisticated. The pink stomach piranha for instance is a meat eater, so meat-like merchandise must be an enormous a part of their weight-reduction plan. However, you possibly can’t simply feed them meat on a regular basis. It is essential to modify with different sorts of meals. Here’s a record of piranha meals which have labored for me previously and different common recommendations that I discovered on totally different boards:

* Frozen fish/seafood like cod, salmon, tuna, catfish, shrimps, krill, mussels and squid. You should buy these in pre-made cubes that you simply hold in your freezer, or make your individual.

* Pellet meals equivalent to Hikari Gold or Hikari Cichlid Bio Gold.

* Small items of vegetable like celery, cucumbers and peas (some favor the shell off, others on) generally is a good addition to their weight-reduction plan.

* Pinkie mice.

* Reside feeders.

Vital – Please remember the fact that there’s plenty of debate across the final one. Many individuals imagine that it’s OK to feed dwell fish (minnows, tetras, and so forth.) to piranhas, whereas others imagine that you need to by no means do it. The primary motive is that dwell feeders are vulnerable to illness which may then be transferred to your piranhas. A technique to assist with this concern is to quarantine the dwell feeders in a separate aquarium for a number of weeks earlier than introducing them to your piranhas. This won’t fully eradicate the danger of illnesses, nonetheless it should assist.

How usually do I feed them?

It is a superb query. The overall rule of thumb is that juvenile piranhas must be fed 2-3 instances per day, whereas grownup piranhas must be fed as soon as each different day. It’s extremely really useful that you simply clear up the leftovers 4-5 hours after you might be achieved consuming. In the event you do not, the meals will rot and pollute the water, making your job at sustaining the aquarium that a lot more durable. Doing this may ensure you aren’t consistently doing water modifications.

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Yet one more factor to remember is that once you first get your piranhas, they might refuse to eat. That is widespread. Typically they only want a number of days, even per week or so, to regulate to their new setting. The identical goes when introducing new meals.


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