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Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Evans and today I’m going to talk about healthy eating And it is a huge topic, although it seems easy, But it is actually very complicated. So you thought it best to focus on what I had to say. If you decide to sit with me in the clinic, What do you think we start by asking what you want to achieve: Lose weight, Reducing overeating, healthy food, Longer healthy life?

So what matters to you is the general picture And I’d like to point out that eating is just the only behavior in the health chain. Regular physical exercise leads to better stress, control And better sleep, which leads to better food choices, Thus to more energy and less possibility of chronic disease and so on. As for, if you are trying to lose weight In theory, this is easy. “ Do not eat too much and move more than usual .”. The problem is keeping the balance of happiness balanced on the ground. In developed countries, we are surrounded With countless cheap foods High in calories, varied flavors and massive portions. The other side of the energy balance equation High activity has also changed, As our current generation suffers greatly from sitting disease Watching TV at night commuting to and from work amazing video games and moving sidewalks And a lot of us now have cognitive jobs. Our culture pushes us towards the easy buttons, instead of making our day difficult. As for the other side of the equation, I think it is essential not to lose sight of the food’s greatness Food brings. Families together, builds relationships and provides us with health. Well, let’s start with the most common question I get about eating. What is the best diet to lose weight? I am not surprised. People are baffled As you watch this clip. There is likely to be a popup. You talk about the diet industry, like Detox Diet or Super Food Diet, Not to mention Hollywood. Celebrities have started to follow a certain system. There is no research showing that a commercial food system is best. The only thing that can guarantee the success of the system. It is the extent of compliance with all the implications of the system you choose In order to reformulate what we have reported. Our society still vacillates between dieting and diets In search of a magic formula, but the secret does not lie in the composition, But in line Instead of following a specific diet, scrupulously Science tells us to choose the diet we like the most So that we will actually Tie her In 2015 Cochrane Medical Research was looking into Factors that will make commercial diets succeed And you weren’t cutting back on carbohydrates or fats, But it was in the organization and personal moral support. Diets are just the rules of eating. It does not affect our diet And economists, call it a commitment device, As people realize that what they’re doing Improving their ability to control their own future is illogical and just impulsive. Instead of staying on autopilot, The diet alerts you, through the diet, By making specific eating choices and often reducing overeating, All commercial diets have their magic formula, Which is what we call macronutrients.

For example, less carbohydrates, more protein, less fat and sugar and so on, And they usually have reasons for their method. For example, you can eat a proverb like a caveman Or use a scoring system or canned food, Or even follow famous doctors in this field, or even otherwise, And the two messages I want to direct about nutrients are One

.., I think we’re putting in a lot of time and effort and we’re focusing on it And two …

The issue remains a qualitative rather than a quantitative issue: Less carbs, …, okay, Carbohydrates can be healthy in their complex formulas, Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains, And it’s not very healthy in its simple formulas like Filtered sugar and processed starch. But we must be fair, Carbohydrates, taste, great And our society usually tends to eat it in abundance. Therefore, people who reduce the amount of what they eat daily, Their bodies tend to lose some weight, Except that when we study the relative weight loss results In a systematic paper in 2014 by Dr

Celeste, Naud and colleagues Note the relationship between weight and cardiovascular indicators For people who follow a low, carbohydrate diet And it lasted for two years. The result was that there was no difference Compared to a moderate weight loss diet. But what about a low-sugar diet?

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Okay, If I were to describe sugar in just one word, it would be “, deceitful, .”, More and more sugars have found their way into our daily diets. Many drinks contain at least 8 tablespoons of sugar. The average sugar intake for an American individual is 20 teaspoons, And most of these people are teenagers And less in Canada. These foods are really sweet, But the situation is similar to foods that we think are healthy, Such as breakfast, cereals, granola bars, (, sweetened oats, ) and fruit juices. When an increase in sugar contributes to an increase in calories. Here we can say that there is a problem. It is a real warning. When I examine a patient, he has the signs and symptoms of diabetes. The first thing they do is drop sugar from their diet. However, if we look at experiments to prevent diabetes, Few of them indicate the importance of cutting back on sugar, While most stress the importance of a healthy pattern and that the individual be active for half an hour per day. Let’S say 5-7 % of the weight is reduced by reducing Eat, saturated fats and increase foods that contain fiber. This reduces the incidence of diabetes by 58 %. How about low-fat foods? Okay, …

I think the old story has changed for fat, That all fats are bad to that. It is a matter of continuity. You have examples of foods, for trans fats, Fried fast food and lots of canned food, but not helpful. We must reduce our consumption of it. Then there are saturated fats, It is most often found in dairy and red meat And oil plants such as coconut or palm. It can be said that it is not good when a lot of it but good. When it is moderate, Then there is the monounsaturated, fat or MUFA Mediterranean diet, which I’ll explain in seconds. It relies heavily on Mova, Avocado nuts, olive oil dark chocolate Which gives health benefits. And finally, we have PUFA or polyunsaturated fats. It is the largest part of the fat chain and is found in oily fish And past experiences show that there is a decline in the indicators related to the heart. More recent trials are not very optimistic, As the analyzes indicate that there are still no harms and there are minor benefits. So what he suggests is two meals a week of PUFA People seem to do better when they replace saturated fats, Mauve and puva fat. Well, what about high-protein diets Once again, …

It is more about quality than quantity. Protein comes in different packages, with different effects on health, Compare saltier meat with a steak of salmon or lentils or even a handful of almonds. Most of the information indicates that if you eat healthy protein White meat, nuts and fish, Your giving will be more, Especially if it is spread over the whole day, especially at breakfast. There are also some diets that have good results On people with illnesses. For example, the DASH diet reduces between 5-11mm of mercury Or low glycemic index diet. It lowers ion-c a measure of blood sugar Over time. People with diabetes increased by 0

5 % Many patients have high cholesterol, More recently, Dr. David Jenkins and colleagues at the University of Toronto By showing that they can lower cholesterol by 35 % By following the Portfolio Diet, (, low in saturated fat and high in fiber ). Most of the information is on plant theory. It came from cohort studies or so-called exposure too, And now there are random sessions indicating that they are doing better. It’S hard, not to conclude that a plant-based diet And unprocessed food is a smart diet. Of course, many people make a special choice, Namely the burden on our planet reduces the more vegetarians there are. There is a way to think about all of this. She is a commentary on Brazil’s Dietary Guidelines And in it they shifted their approach from completely diversifying nutrients. To a more receptive system, And if we look at the topic remotely, We prefer to buy processed and canned foods that can be eaten anywhere. Food can be healthier and strengthen relationships between individuals By preparing meals among family and friends. Well, so there’s no magic formula or totally effective diet. The answer is yes, Because I see the diet more about culture than others As well as simple habits, The diet does not focus on losing weight, but rather on Health outcomes such as reducing the incidence of cancer, Heart disease, mental illness and increased life expectancy. According to the evidence, the best diet is the Mediterranean diet. Instead of following the rules of eating and sticking to constants in the food, It is more about moderation in eating Less meat, more vegetables and fruit in sweetener. This type is more concerned with the vegetable and fruit sections of the stores Or the groceries that sell Mediterranean products. It’S called the Mediterranean diet, but it’s really a way of life In that region. Individuals are very active and their meals are moderate And they have good social support among them. So let’s continue our discussion of switching from diets to healthy behaviors, And that is by looking at the National Center for Weight Control, (, NWCR ). That affects the way we eat The center distributes an annual questionnaire to more than 10,000 people, So that there are more women than men For people who lost some weight and kept it off for over a year. Unsurprisingly, 98 % made some changes to what they ate. Meanwhile, 94 % increased activity and movement in their schedules, But there was no single combination. Most people restricted the food they consumed by counting calories, The rest continued their usual eating, but only reduced portions 70 % of them eat breakfast Most watch television for less than 10 hours And they eat out only three times a week. In general. These people engage in physical activities for more than half an hour a day For more than half an hour a day They average about an hour and are often on foot. Almost all of those who participated in the survey agreed that weight loss Increases energy levels, body movement and mood, It increases self-confidence and physical health Observation is a very important step. Losing weight is important, but the hard part is maintaining the new weight For at least 80 % of the people among us Weigh yourself and use this method as your alarm clock For your daily eating choices, An example is that 75 % of the people, who were A sample In the Weight Control Center study they weighed weekly, While 36 % of them on a daily basis. They see standing on the scale as a trial to stop weight gain As standing on the scale daily reduces the likelihood An average of 2

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3 kg or 5 lbs An example of a reminder is a food diary, Even if only for a week, It has become easier today with the presence of applications. Usually, patients ignore writing in it because they think the topic is simple, But watching what you ate may amplify your weight loss. So I think that awareness of these matters is within reach. It could be what you eat and it could be your weight, But we must know that life is also chaotic In order to enjoy it. We need flexibility. You simply feel good if you eat well, That’s why I like the idea of starting with simple changes or what I call pinches Or maybe change something you do a lot, For example, eating breakfast snacks or drinks. For example, you could replace your regular breakfast cereal with some oatmeal or wheat chips Or a handful of almonds in place of a bag of potato chips Or perhaps drinking water instead of colored drinks. I know that doesn’t sound tempting, but Dr

Mike is a registered dietitian. He may be able to write off a pound of your weight per week or perhaps more. It may also make you feel better From another perspective, an addition rather than a decrease. Therefore, Dr. Sherry Bagotto and her colleagues made a choice, A random sample of individuals at risk of developing metabolic syndrome, And they were distributed either to the American Heart Association, Diet Or, on the other hand, follow an easy tip. Increase fiber daily by 30 grams. Take a ride on a wheat bran cart Then visit the city of Foliat And he took some berries. Both groups lost weight, but the association group lost slightly more weight. Also, the results of both groups reflected positively on the functions of the circulatory system. Well, it could be said that I like the idea of including healthy food Instead of enclosing or cutting out other foods. There are also sources that indicate a feeling of satiety Or a feeling of fullness. It’S not just about calories gained The calories gained from protein and fiber make us feel fuller From another angle. It is social support. It can help us with our eating habits In another study, to evaluate food habits, either on their own Or with 3 friends or more or with family members, To support them in straightening habits in 10 months. In the end, the percentage was 24 % for individuals. Then it became 66 % after getting the support of family and friends And on the topic of support. If you communicate with a nutritionist, even if it is via the Internet, It should help because they have what is known as a Guinness Bar for you to eat. Vitality is another important point in the context of eating and nutrition, Where research indicates that active people, even if they suffer from obesity, They live longer than lean over-sitting people. So my patients tell me that they are active. However, this was not successful in losing weight. Then I shrug my shoulder and I say in fact you succeeded. You are active Withdrawing calories through a specific diet, But I think it is important to know that the study shows that people who They exercise more successful than others have more ability to stabilize their weight. The last two points I would like to address are the topic of healthy nutrition Focus on continuous performance and behavior, Since it is difficult to stick to severe diets, Many shift their focus from the individual himself to what surrounds the individual. Changing the environment around us will make our choices correct day in and day out, We call this action decision engineering. It includes two types of what I call an awareness nudge. First, we must realize the fact that our world is full The triggers of unhealthy food and overeating Attractive types on the cashier’s table in stores. The volumes are enormous to market it, As indicated by Dr

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Brian Wansink, Most of us, do not overeat out of hunger. Second, what are the things that alert you personally? We are routine beings as we tend to do the same habits every week, And each of us has certain habits and specific eating. For example, the tribulations on the accounting table in the coffee shop, Or maybe a certain time like 11 3 or 10 o’clock, Expected stress, As mentioned by Winkinson. The option here is to restructure the minor verbs That changes a person’s mindset from indifference to overeating, To indifference that his food became better. Perhaps by remodeling your kitchen, When you leave a biscuit on the shelf, it usually won’t last long. The same applies, if you put fruits or some vegetables on the shelf, Also have smaller cups and utensils than the previous ones And reduce the number of large pots And also not to eat from the bag directly. A simple indifference to eating Restructuring of actions presupposes self-knowledge. For example, if you are a night rodent Or you are a passionate eater, For example, I take care of everything food in front of me, So my changes must be when shopping. I know I should cut fruits myself, But indifference to healthy food is present. When I buy pre-cut fruits, It is similar to saying to a smoker, never leave a cigarette at home. I also never leave gelatin desserts at home Because I can’t stop eating it. Another approach is the 80:20 behavior Well, this behavior assumes that 80 % of your eating options are healthy. The rest of the 20 % is not very high in calories. This is because you must enjoy yourself As if you eat a piece of dark chocolate Or a meal from the outside or even a piece of cake. We are in this for a long time, So we should not be looking for perfection, but for continuity And in the end I hope I made you think a little differently About how we are supposed to eat Instead of following ready-made diet schedules Remember to file behaviors Changes are simple: instead of big, A simple food in its ingredients rather than a much varied and processed food, Eat dinner at home, and so does self-awareness, Reduce your dependence on your will And make weekly stimuli what drive indifference And bring you closer to healthier nutrition. Finally, I would like to draw attention to being healthy, regardless of our size. I often come across people who want to lose some weight. This is because obesity is an important factor for many diseases, But in fact, I hope that my patients are attentive to their physical nature. This is to make them more attentive to their food So that they move more And to love themselves more, And they start focusing more on what healthy eating should be Instead of thinking about what not to eat And they’ll be happy with that. Perhaps now is the time to start your experience of a healthier life, Thanks for following

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